Things To Know Before You Shop In Foreign Counrties And Drag Trouble Along

It is extremely true that some people travel to shop only. It is certainly exciting and brings a sense of fulfillment that you bought something that is not available where you live. This is one case of satisfying your inner voice. But what about hoarding just about everything that comes in your way and you get tempted to buy it. Hell no! You might have to bear some very serious circumstances if you do not give what you are putting your hands on second thought.

We have narrowed down a few questions which one should ask himself before buying anything in a foreign land, this will not only save your precious time but also will cache a lot of your hard earned money. Have a look!

Will you ever wear it back home?

Think and rethink and think again before buying something traditional and culture-specific from the country you are visiting. It might look very stylish, unique and an antique that will make you look a class apart but you may never sport it back home. You might look ravishing in a saree, a cowboy hat, kimono or a woolen cap with bunny ears but all of it will be useless once you get home, it will unnecessarily occupy space not only in your luggage but also it will be thrown away somewhere in the attic.

Will you get into trouble for buying any product?

There is a complete list of legal and illegal items that can be carried in and out of the countries. And if ever you are found to be violating those rules you can potentially be taken under custody for breaching the rules of the law. If at all, it is extremely important that you have to bring along, there are certificates being issued or a heavy fee is to be paid in order to travel with those ornaments. It is wise and advisable to not indulge in shopping such accessories which may leave you in serious trouble.

It is more appropriate that you shop for a famous product that country is famous for. For example, if you are visiting Switzerland you may purchase Swiss chocolates, Japan is famous for its affordable and durable watches like Seiko Prospex and Turkey offers mouthwatering Turkish delights and coffee.

Is it life threatening?

Anything that comes under the category of sharp weapons, guns, ammunition, knives, and even scissors can cause serious issues while taken from one place to another. Whereas, treacherous and fatal drugs are also pre-defined in a country’s list of illegal items. Even some medicines are prohibited to enter certain countries, and if you are found to possess them, you are hugely fined too.

How much are you paying for that article?

Oh geez! These currency conversions are horrifying and too time-consuming. But this may have several strings attached to it like the taxes you are paying, the credit card fee you are paying for international usage and of course the conversion itself. Summing up all these charges together you might end up paying way more than what you would have paid in your own country.

Make A Clear Thoughtful Decision.

Before you make the decision to shop outside of your country, online or in person, decide if it's worth it. Impulse Shopping happens everywhere! 

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