Your confidence and you. 5 ways you can increase your confidence

When you think about being confident, there’s probably someone you know that springs to mind straight away. An incredibly confident sibling that makes you question if you’re even related, a strong, self-assured friend that you can always rely on to complain at a restaurant if something isn’t right, or a work colleague that seems to be able to say anything without feeling silly or ridiculed.

When we see celebrities walking the red carpet or talking effortless in interviews, even they make it look so easy! (When is the Met Gala 2019? Click the link to find out.) In short, we all wish we had a little confidence…but did you know that there are some incredibly simple ways you can increase your self-confidence? And you don’t need a make-up team and a wardrobe department to follow you around either!

Don’t believe me? Read on for 5 ways you can increase your confidence.

Always think of yourself in a positive light

You are you. And that’s pretty special. You’re here and you’re alive. That’s a pretty wonderful thing too. So, why is it that we talk about ourselves in a detrimental way? We never believe the compliments we receive and often feel any success comes to us by fluke or just plain luck. You need to remember that despite your flaws – and everyone has them - you are an amazing, unique person and you deserve to think of yourself as such. If you hear a voice in your head that’s telling you-you're a loser, or there’s no way you’ll get that job – challenge it!

Keep on top of your personal hygiene

It sounds obvious and you might shower every day, but things like exfoliating, keeping your legs and underarms shaved, washing your hair and trimming your nails are also things you could keep ontop of.

Make good food part of your diet

No one is going to take you Friday night take-away from you. After all, you deserve it! But things like takeaway and plates of food that are mostly beige in color aren’t good for you. Bad food, that might taste good on the first bite, will make you feel sluggish, bloated and generally rubbish. A big confidence no-no. Fill your body with leafy greens and have your plate piled high with colorful meals that are bursting with vegetables, vitamins, and minerals and you’ll start to feel good inside and out.

Work on your posture

Slumped shoulders, a curved spine and bad digestion to boot. All these are signs of bad posture. Which makes you look as if you’re trying to hide away and not be noticed. Working on your posture; putting your shoulders back and having your back straight will make you look confident but will also make you feel completely different. Good posture also helps you to look slimmer and helps with things like digestion.

Create a list

Put together a list of your greatest hits. Moments where you surprised and surpassed your own expectations. That time you totally nailed that interview, when you completed an important presentation. That kind of thing. Remember the times when you’ve been confident, and it’ll give you inspiration.


  1. I am actually wearing a shirt today that sas "coffee and cofidence." This is a great list. I would also like to add "workout!" Nothing makes me feel better about myself than to workout and feel strong and powerful.

  2. I need to work on this constantly. I really enjoyed this great and informative article. Thank you so much for sharing

  3. Lots of great tips here. Thank you.

  4. Staying positive and believing in yourself is so important! I love the idea of creating a list of your 'greatest hits'. It would be very motivating!