Family-Friendly Holidays With A Difference: The Destinations You Won’t Have Considered

Traveling as a family can often be one of the best ways to make memories with one another. You get to experience different things, and it presents a real opportunity to educate your little ones on cultures such as new foods to try and the way of life. However, as a family, you can often stick with destinations that are either hugely popular or that you have tried and tested before. Sticking with what you know can often be the best fix, but sometimes it is worth trying new places and really pushing you all out of your comfort zones. You might be thankful of this as you get older. So here are some of the family-friendly destinations you might not have considered before but should. Let’s hope it provides you with some much-needed travel inspiration.


If you are looking for something a little different, then Indonesia could be the place for you and your family to travel to. Of course, there are some of the popular destinations such as Bali, where you can enjoy a fantastic resort on the coast with some stunning scenery. Alternatively, a quick search online for something like rumah dijual di malang harga dibawah 500 juta could highlight apartments or alternative accommodation in city centers. With the Komodo Dragon national park, then fabulous volcanoes you can trek up to, and the beautiful national parks offering up lakes and hiking opportunities, Indonesia really has something to offer.


Often the USA is chosen over Canada, but this country really could have something to offer when it comes to the family trip. For starters, you have the bustling cities of Toronto and Vancouver. These places are full of museums and urban sights that you can enjoy as a family. Niagara Falls might also be a place that you want to go to, and this can be on many people’s bucket lists. Lastly, if you as a family love to ski or enjoy winter sports like sledding in and snowboarding, Canada has some incredible mountainous regions with ski resorts. Perfect for the adrenaline-fuelled family. Canada really does have it all, and definitely could be the ideal location for your next big family adventure.


Many European countries are at the top of the list when it comes to family holidays. You have Spain with its fantastic coastal resorts, France that offers up great camping holidays as well as a Disneyland resort, but Germany can often be overlooked. However, Germany has some great places that you can see an enjoy. The endless cities such as Berlin, Düsseldorf, and Munich have some fanatics things to see and do within them. Especially when it comes to art galleries and museums. But as a family, you could also use this opportunity to learn about some of the histories of the country. With great coastlines and also fantastic nature opportunities Germany could be the ideal place.


Filled with stunning mountainous regions, villages, and beauty like no other, Austria is definitely one of the places that you may want to consider for a winter holiday. Normally more well-known for winter sports, this country could be a great location for your next winter holiday with the family. Skiing, snowboarding, or just enjoying the cabins that dot the mountains, it really offers some great beauty spots. Austria is centrally located in Europe and is German Speaking. If history is what you want then Mozart and Freud have been residents in this country. So there are museums and sights dedicated to that.


Finland is a Northern country in Europe, and it is often most associated with a winter holiday because of the snow and beautiful scenery. However, there is one big reason that you may want to visit Finland. The chance to visit Lapland. The home of Santa Claus and the ideal holiday for children of all ages. It really could be magical. Aside from that you also get the chance to enjoy the snow and witness the magnificent Northern Lights.

US Road Trip

Finally, if you are looking for a holiday with a difference then a US road trip could be the one. There are so many things you could consider. Perhaps focus on one state and exploring it to the maximum. Florida, for example, not only has Orlando but also places like Miami and the Florida Keys. Texas could see you exploring Austin, Dallas, and Houston. California could see you enjoying Los Angeles and San Francisco. There really are so many road trip opportunities in the US and it could be a great opportunity to explore more than one place.

Let’s hope this has given you some inspiration for your next family holiday.

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  1. I love these vacation destinations! I would enjoy visiting all of them. They sound so wonderful and picturesque. Seeing the Northern Lights would be especially awesome!