Fashion Must-Haves To Take With You On Your Summer Holiday

Packing for a vacation is the worst part about going on vacation. There are so many things you need, particularly if you’re traveling with kids. In fact, I’ve covered packing for your family in a separate blog post, so feel free to check it out if you’re struggling!

Today, the focus is firmly on the clothes you’re going to bring with you. No doubt you have plenty of things you want to pack, but what should definitely make the cut? Below, you’ll find a selection of things you need to pack, no matter what.

A sun hat

A summer holiday means you’ll be out in the sun for most of the day. Needless to say, this isn’t good for you! Having the sun beat down on you for hours on end can cause loads of problems - such as sunstroke. An excellent way to combat this is with a stylish sun hat. Not only will they protect your head from the harmful sun, but they will also add some extra style to all of your outfits. A versatile accessory that can probably save you from taking a trip to the hospital as well. 

Some sandals for the beach

You’ve got to pack some sandals if you’re going on vacation this summer. There are two reasons for this, and the first is that you need them for the beach. Getting sand in your favorite shoes or sneakers is arguably one of the worst things in life. It takes ages to get rid of all the grains, and you make a massive mess in your hotel room and hire-car. The second reason is that sandals can keep you cool, which stops you from overheating in the sun!

A comfy summer dress

You can’t go on vacation without packing at least one summer dress. They’re perfect for so many reasons, and they look gorgeous. For me, they’re just easy to wear and work well in hot climates. You can wear it as you walk around during the day, or put it on when you’re going out for dinner in the evening. If you’re always wondering how to find a dress boutique near me, then the easiest thing to do is look online. You’ll find loads of options, meaning there are lots of dresses for you to consider!


Again, you can’t leave home without packing at least one pair of sunglasses! They’re similar to a sun hat in that they offer protection from the sun. But, they’re also the number one accessory to compliment all your summer outfits with. No matter what you’re wearing, you’ll look ten times more stylish with a pair of shades on. There are plenty of styles to choose from, and the best advice I’ve heard is to choose sunglasses that suit your face shape. The video above tells you all the things you need to consider here!

It doesn’t really matter what else you wear on your holiday, just make sure you pack all of these things first. Then, fill the space with all the other things you’ll wear during your sunny vacation.

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