Five Places to Get Inspiration for a Trip to China

Traveling is a wonderful way to broaden the mind, lift the spirits and make fantastic family memories. As your children get older the opportunity opens up to take them further afield. Taking them on at least one trip to an exotic destination with a very different culture to yours is a great way to bring you all together. It is a trip none of you will ever forget.

China is one such destination. It is a wonderful place that offers something for everyone. There is almost too much to see and do there. So, today I thought I would come up with some places you can use to help you to narrow down the options.

Your travel insurance provider’s website

I know someone who got most of their China travel advice from UHC SafeTrip’s website. They like most travel insurance providers know that providing up to date and effective advice is a good way of keeping their clients safe. That is in everyone’s interests. So, always take a look at these sorts of sites before you book. It is also a good idea to get a quote or two while you are there, so you can factor the cost of travel insurance into your budget and work out how much cash you have leftover for flights, accommodation and day trips.

Your government’s advice website

It is also wise to see what your government’s advice about traveling to China is. At the time of writing this article, China is a relatively peaceful place. But, since 2014, the country has suffered a few scattered terrorist attacks. So, it is wise to get the most up to date information before deciding to travel there and which areas to visit. This is also where you will find up to date information about what visas you need.

The big travel websites

The big travel guide and review sites like Tripadvisor and Lonely Planet are particularly good sources of information. Read the reviews for the places you want to visit and ask questions in any forums you find. Often, you will be lucky and receive helpful answers from travelers who have actually been there. When reading the reviews, be sure to make sure that they are up to date.

Travel bloggers

If you can find a travel blogger who is actually traveling through the country right now, add yourself to their email list. The information they will be providing will be very up to date. Plus, a lot of them will happily answer questions that are left in the comments section of their articles. It is a great way to get factual, personalized travel information.

Travel apps for the planning process.

Travel apps are a fantastic resource. There are many kinds available. Before you travel you want to download a travel planning app. These give you an overview of the country and what you can do in each place. They enable you to decide what area to visit. For your actual trip, you will need to download other apps to help you to get around and communicate.

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  1. Very informative post, thank you so much for sharing! I would love to be able to visit Australia someday.