How to Give Your Home the Summer Touch 100%

It’s not going to be long before we’re all enjoying all the gifts that the summer season brings. Long walks along the beach, BBQs with loved ones, and lazy days under a warming sun are all on the horizon -- oh, how fun the season will be! In order to enjoy summer to the max, it’s a good idea to give your home something of a seasonal makeover. We’ll be able to enjoy our home and the summer all the more if they’re in sync! Below, we take a look at a few ways to achieve this goal.

Light Fabrics

During fall and winter, it’s all about creating a cozy atmosphere, which typically means dark hues all around. Those deep brown colors will be felt in our curtains, pillow covers, and bedding. It adds to the warmth of the home when it’s chilly outside! But after spring rolls around, they’re not really needed. If you’ve still got the same covers on, look at switching them out for lighter threads. Your home will feel much more in that summer vibe if you’ve opted for light yellow and mustard fabrics.

Summer Upgrades

Why not look at switching out some of your home essentials, so they conjure up more of a summer feeling? You can look at installing tropical ceiling fans, for instance, and give your home a touch of the vacation spirit (it’ll also keep you cool -- an essential point during summer!). Elsewhere, you can look at adding more seasonal decorations to your home. Say goodbye to those candles and other chilly weather additions, and hello to jars of sand, seashells, and other items that invoke the great outdoors. You’ll feel much more in the summer vibe if your home is reflecting that energy everywhere you look.

Let there be Light

Try as you might, you’re going to find it difficult to see your home as a summer stronghold if it feels like a cave. Some houses seem to be cursed to have limited light, but impressions can be deceiving! No matter how small and dark your property may be, there are nearly always ways to make the space brighter through natural lighting. You may want to switch out the windows, for starters. From there, it’s about leaving the window spaces as open as possible (no heavy furniture blocking those sun rays!), and adding mirrors so any light that does enter can be reflected around the home.

Indoor Plants

Part of what makes summer so enjoyable is that we can be in the great outdoors so much. But we don’t always have to go out of doors, especially if we have our own little oasis inside our home! Look at adding indoor plants and flowers -- they’ll make the whole home feel brighter and more summery.

In the Yard

Finally, don’t forget your yard space. Make sure you’re getting it into shape ahead of the summer, buy some outdoor furniture, and, best of all, a hammock, and you’ll have a dreamy season in the outdoors!


  1. Time to air out and spruce up. Ready for a new beginning.

  2. I love being able to open the windows and let the fresh air flow.🍃

  3. It's always fun to get ready for summer! I love the idea of a hammock. That would be so nice to relax in and read a book.