Inner Boost: Ways To Make Yourself Feel Great

Life seems to be getting more and more hectic; family, career, social commitments, and an ever-increasing list of things to do are all important factors in how you spend each day. There’s also a huge comparison culture that’s emerged since the use and popularity of social media, which can sometimes make you feel like you’re just not able to keep up with what’s expected. So, while taking care of other people’s needs, working hard to better your life, and keeping busy, can all be positive things; they can begin to take their toll if they’re not making you happy for the majority of the time. Everyone has stressful moments and bad days in general; that’s just life. However, if you feel like you’ve begun to spiral into detrimental behavior, or you’re always dreading the next day, or perhaps you’re just feeling unfulfilled; it’s time to take a step back and make some changes.

Prioritizing yourself, your happiness, and your needs, over other’s, is not being selfish. It’s simply ensuring that your health and wellbeing are taken-care-of so that you can continue with a busy, but happy, life. Therefore, it’s worth figuring out the areas of your current lifestyle that may need a helping hand or a full-on boost, and those areas that don’t bring you anything positive, so need changing as soon as possible. Grab your favorite drink, put your feet up, and begin writing a list so that you can better understand how you’re going to move forward with a smile. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice, for those who are ready to make themselves feel great more of the time and want to give their life a better boost.

Motivational Down Time

When was the last time you utilized your free time, just for yourself? So often, people can take their free moments, and use them to catch-up with work, chores, and things around the family household. This might be productive in one sense; however, you’re not giving yourself the chance to recharge, or benefit your own wellbeing. Therefore, it’s worth ensuring that you have time set-aside, regularly, to do something beneficial to yourself. Even if that means chilling out in a bath, or watching Netflix; it’s important to recharge, and give yourself the headspace to motivate you for the following day, or week ahead.

You can bookmark a motivational interview with a model and singer you admire or treat yourself to a book you’ve heard great things about; grab one of those lattes you love, and get reading. The process of planning your downtime will allow you to look forward to something, before enjoying the moment itself; this will keep positivity high in the meantime, and give you that boost you’re after. Make sure that your family and friends are on board with you taking some time for yourself so you won’t be disturbed when you’re soaking in the bath, reading that motivational book.

A Fresh Perspective

A change of scene can do wonders for your physical and mental health. Therefore, it’s worth switching things-up where, and when, possible. Head out to a coffee shop with friends, instead of inviting them over; you’ll have the chance to get some fresh air, and it’ll feel like more of a treat. Change the route you take home from the school run, work, or the supermarket every now and gain; you might discover some new shops or places to visit, and you’ll have more time to listen to your favorite songs in the car. Walk or cycle, instead of driving; the benefits of this are endless; you’ll boost your fitness and happy hormones, and again, it’s a way to open up your life yo new opportunities, people, and places.

It’s Okay To Say No

Like any loving parent, partner, friend, employee, and well, human being; you’re bound to feel obliged to use your time to please others when you’ll be doing something you don’t enjoy. You might even hate certain events, outings, responsibilities, and commitments. Therefore, it’s worth thinking about if they’re essential, or really needed or not. You might just need a night in to relax, over a night out, drinking with friends; learn to say no firmly, but politely. Their night will still go ahead, and you’ll have given yourself some more of that precious time that was mentioned earlier.

Saying no can be a positive thing; you’ll be taking back the power in your life, and will begin to feel the benefits as a result. So, be brave, and say no to the things and people that are bringing you down, and say yes to those that are going to give you your boost, and have a positive impact on your life.


  1. Too much stress taking care of others has taken it's toll. I need to focus on me and take care of myself.

  2. I agree its very important to take care of yourself. i need to do this.

  3. Stress and more stress is in my life, trying to focus more time on me without feeling guilty