Why Is It So Hard To Say No To Carbs?

Slowly but surely it's becoming common knowledge now that carbs are the ultimate enemy when it comes to losing weight. For many people living a healthy life is very hard because well, eating recklessly is easy and dieting is hard. However, it's not all just down to getting a good meal in your stomach to fuel you throughout the day. You’re also battling your cravings and trying not to load up on junk food. Coming home from a bad day at work can also leave you feeling stressed and unhappy, so you eat the food that makes you feel better. And this food usually has some kind of carbs element to it. But other food groups also make you feel good and they also fill you up so you’re satisfied. Why is it then, that we find it more difficult to say no to carbs especially?

Convenient eating

Carbs are convenient, they don’t cost a lot and they taste great. However carbs also last for a long time in your fridge without going off, so it's also money well spent in that regard. The reason why many fast food outlets use carbohydrates is that you can do so much with them, add almost anything you want. For example, it's little wonder that Subway is popular around the world. It's bread with various fillings. You’re getting a lot of food for a cheap price, and bread is the main part of the meal. Burgers are often the main fast food snack of choice for many, and it's not just because of the meat inside. The bun of the burger is also filling. Bagels are a prime example of convenience eating, quick and easy to eat and doesn’t cost much.

The extra help with dieting

When you first begin dieting, your body and mind will crave all the things you have cut out. Foods with heavy carb amounts such as pizza, toast, sandwiches, pasta, rice, noodles, cake and so much more, will be calling your name throughout the day. The keto diet is fast becoming the savior of many because you satisfy your cravings but you’re not loading up on carbs. Fats, protein and sugars are allowed, but carbs are kept in control. To help you adapt to this new diet you can take Beta Hydroxybutyrate to maximize your keto results because it helps stave off your hunger just a little while longer. You won’t feel like snacking in between meals, which solves a lot of the problems many people have with discipline and patience.

Pay a little more

Yes, carbs are very cheap compared to other kinds of food. However, if you are intent on losing weight you should be ready to spend a little more. No more cheap pasta and rice packets from the store, buy more protein and healthy fats like fish and nuts.

Carbs are incredibly convenient. They offer a cheap source of energy to fuel you throughout the day but ultimately, they just put on too many pounds very quickly.


  1. These are all very good points as to why it is so hard for people to give up carbs! I definitely think that healthy food should be more affordable. My main problem is that it tastes so good! However I just found out that I am very sensitive to gluten, so I have had to drastically change my diet this year. I feel so much better though so it's worth it!

  2. Yes, I love carbs, hard to say no.

  3. I def have a hard time saying no to them. I don't have any health or weight issues yet I seem to really crave carbs sometimes.