Family Roadtrip Fun With Beijue 16 Bit Handheld Games

We are just about to road trip season! Are you excited? I am!! Every year we go to Illinois, Georgia, and Tennessee, for the weekend. The Illinois trips are the longest. 8-12 hours in the car depending on traffic and bladder control. I love these family trips.

When we're in the car, everyone has the devices they play but we always come across a few zones that there is no service. I'm telling you from personal experience, those moments can either get every kid in the car grounded for the rest of the summer from fighting and annoying each other or be the best memory for the whole trip.

Having games in the car that the kids can play makes all the difference. That way the can occupy themselves so I can drive in peace. That is pretty close quarters. It's not like they can get up and go to their room and wait out the rest of the ride. Bringing along a non-internet game will save the day.

One thing that we have learned is we need to have extra seats in the car. If we are traveling and they are sitting side by side, it won't be long until one of them is touching the other, breathing too loud, listening to their headphones too loud, looking at the other kid's phone, you name it. Seriously guys, any movement under normal circumstance will get on someone else's nerves bad enough to make the other kid cry or complain.

A handheld game that we just got is the Beijue 16 Bit Handheld Games. It has a 3.0'' large screen and is preloaded 100 HD modern video games. It's the perfect size for kids and adults. Anyone can play this game!

What comes in the box?

1 Game System
1 Charging Cord
1 User Manual

This game system is so lightweight that I thought for sure it took regular batteries and they weren't in it. You know that feeling when you pick something up and it's way lighter than you think it should be? That's what happened when I picked up this one. I am a gamer. I have played so many handheld games that the weight of the device is pretty universal, I thought. Put it this way, my Samsung phone is heavier than it.

When I opened up the back to see what size batteries it took and it was already loaded with a rechargeable battery I was shocked. I was so surprised that my first thought was that the battery was an instruction card. Yes, I am one of those kinds of people. I take out the product and do what I can to get it running on my own and then use the instruction manual as a last resort.

And to my surprise, opening the manual, the charging instructions are on the two pages. Oops. That would have saved me a lot of confusion. I am so impressed by the weight and charging capability of this game. 

The mini-games section has different games with themes and they are ADDICTIVE!! I don't know how I did it but while I was checking the game out, right now, I accidentally got stuck in the game for over an hour and a half playing Freecell! I haven't seen this game since middle school! 

The actual gameplay is very simple to get the hang of with video style accomplishments. The games are quick and keep the player's attention. It's so easy to navigate through the main games and also the mini-games. This is perfect for kids, adults, and seniors.

The controls are easy to navigate. The size of the device makes all the difference. It's comfortable for smaller hands but not too crowded for big hands. It's a great balance.

If you are looking for a fun, rechargeable, handheld game that the whole family can play, the Beijue 16 Bit Handheld Game, is a perfect match!

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