GSI Exchange- Finding Ways To Invest In Your Future

I love getting awesome and exciting stuff to review. I know you all know that by now. I can't order anything without telling you all about it. I think online shopping just might be my favorite thing! My happy moment today came from GSI Exchange.  They have so many options to invest and even just collect, like me. For some reason, I have always loved coins and old money. I have some really cool looking dollar bills, they aren't worth much but I like them.

GSI Exchange can help you learn about investing and turning your savings into a long term investment to look forward to retirement. That is awesome! GSI Exchange offers a Gold IRA or Silver IRA option for investors.

The coins that I received are the  Silver Canadian Snowy Owl 1.5 oz. Gem/BU 2018 and the Silver Canadian Polar Bear 1-1/2 oz. Gem/BU 2013. Each coin contains 1.5 oz of .999 fine silver. These are both beautiful coins. The size of them is pretty impressive too. With a 38 mm diameter, this unusually thick coin is a pleasure to hold, lending a feeling of quality and substance.

I love the order process. I can order from the comfort and privacy of my own home and they are delivered right to my address securely. It gives me a secure feeling in knowing that my delivery is protected with notifications and tracking info so I know when for sure it will be here. 

The coins come in a hard plastic case to protect them from scratches and smudges. Not only do they physically keep their value by being fine silver quality but the also keep their appearance. The level of detail in the engraving of this coin is beautiful.

The Polar Bear is shown in its natural habitat in a walking position.
The Snowy Owl has its' wings outstretched with the leaf under it to the right. 

The engraving and detail are so clear! On the owl, each and every feather is detailed. For the polar bear coin, the fish in the water, the clouds, and even the muscle shape are visible.

Both of these coins are issued by Royal Canadian Mint and obverse displays Queen Elizabeth II. The coins are composed of 99.99% fine silver and retain a face-value of $8.  The coin is worth over $36!

You can check out the GSI Website for more information about investing for your future! Check them out on their social channels too for more convenience.

I received this product for free to facilitate this review. If you have any questions please feel free to email me directly.
Amy Groves- [email protected] 

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