Ooh Snap Crispy Protien Bars From Snap Nutrition

What do you look for in a snack? Are you just looking for something that will knock out that snacky feeling? Something to curb hunger? Something that will taste good and satisfy your need for food as well as your taste buds? There are so many things to take into consideration when it comes to having a snack.

We always try to stick to foods that we can all eat instead of purchasing specialty foods. That's pretty tough too. We have so many different diets to satisfy all at one time. Between my constant dieting, Aron's diabetes, and the kids just like stuff that tastes good, it's nearly impossible to make everyone happy all at once. 

It doesn't have to be! I just heard about Snap Nutrician and their OOH SNAP Crispy Protein Bars. This is seriously the best snack that everyone in the house can have. 

Something noteworthy for us, sugar vs sugar alcohol. We try to avoid sugary snacks because of my husbands' diabetes. He can have one greedy treat and it throws his blood sugar through the roof. Anyone dealing with diabetes or living with someone with diabetes, you know how hard of a balancing act that can be. 

Sugary foods will make him spike every time. While sugar alcohol, on the other hand, is well tolerated by the body. I was unsure what sugar alcohol was so I did a little research on my own and all it is, is a sugar substitute and occurs naturally in food or created. By monitoring his blood sugar levels, we were able to see that it doesn't cause a level spike.

Here is some of what I found, in case you would like to know specifically. 

"...can be considered excellent alternatives to sugar.- Healthline"
 "Sugar alcohols are not fully absorbed by the gut, which means they provide roughly half the calories that sugar does." atkins.com
 For me, I am constantly dieting. About 6 years ago I lost over 100lbs in an effort to live better. It worked, it's amazing how much excess weight can just drag you down. I kept it off fully for about 4 years and then I saw a slow increase in weight. I'm not sure if it was due to a lifestyle change or what but, it happened. I don't feel like I have done anything different but, the weight still came back. I was at 273lbs, then I got down to 168lbs. I got back up to 212lbs and currently, I am 198lbs. I know that isn't that big of a deal considering I am still at the 75lbs difference but, even I can feel that extra weight and I am definitely seeing a size difference in my clothes.  

A snack that I can have and not feel bad about it is amazing. I get that with OOH SNAP Crispy Protein Bars. No guilt at all!! It's like a glorified rice crispy treat. A loaded, covered, fancy, deluxe, rice crispy treat.

The kids, they don't care what they eat as long as it tastes good. Oh, to have that kind of metabolism again! They love these. For a kid to eat a snack that isn't bad for them and they go back for another one the next time, you know it has to be good. Kids are awesome and they will not lie about food. My kids won't, anyway. Cassie is so passionate about good food, she will cry real tears if it tastes bad and I want her to eat it. She is my food George Washington. 

One time I tried to make pork chops and dressing because Aron loves it. I tried so hard to make the perfect meal. Guess what happened. We sat down to dinner she burst into tears, I burst into tears, and we ordered pizza.  Her honesty is what I look for when I cook. The pork chops were like shoe leather and the dressing was like soup. How does that even happen? 

She loves these snacks!

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I received this product for free to facilitate this review. If you have any questions please email me directly.
Amy Groves- [email protected] 


  1. These protein bars sound delicious! I love that they are good for you as well, so I can feel good about giving them to my kids. I want to try all of the flavors now! Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. I have recently seen these protein bars on Vitacost, so I was curious to know if they were any good. It's good to know that your kids even enjoy them. As a busy mom, fitness instructor and runner, I am always needing a high protein convenient snack!