Precious Moments Celebrates The Class of 2019- The Future Belongs To You

This is one of the most bittersweet posts I have written in so long and even though my heart is so happy and I am beaming with pride of my firstborn daughter, I am still sad. My baby girl graduated high school! She did it!!  

I am so proud of her accomplishments, all of her hard work paying off, overcoming all of the turbulence childhood has to offer, and graduating!!!! The bitter part for me is, well, for me. How did this time go by so fast? I was cheering her along the whole time being her number 1 fan.  Through band camps, concerts, girl scouts, boys, homework, broken bones and trying to defy gravity, riding a bike, learning to walk, and so much more that I got lost in it a little bit. What I mean is, while my baby was growing up, it somehow didn't hit me until today that, she grew up. 

With a blink of an eye, she was grown!! 


What felt like was only a brief moment of time, I extended my arms and embraced a newborn baby girl and when I let go, a young woman was standing in her place. She is brilliant and beautiful. I would love to say of course she is, she takes after her mama but, I don't know that for even a second of my life, have I ever been as amazing as her. I love her so much. Abby, if you ever read this, please know, you make your mama so proud! 

When I was her age I graduated high school and just like her, I didn't realize what all of the fuss was about for my elders. I was just happy to be done with the early mornings and wanted to get on with my life. My grampa drove all the way here from Illinois to bring me my gift. I didn't know just how impactful it was until I was so much older. My grampa passed away just a few months ago and I know was just as proud of Abby as he was of me. 

What he brought was a Precious Moments graduation figurine. It was simple but beautiful. It was my very first Precious Moments figurine. I loved it so much that every milestone in my life was celebrated with Precious Moments from then on. I had figurines for my wedding, the lighting of the unity candle, my honeymoon, vacations, pets, and then, of course, my first child, Abby. 

Everything was Precious Moments. Her entire nursery from the ceiling fan chain decorations to the door nob hanger, her diaper bag and well over half of her newborn wardrobe, was all done in a pink Precious Moments theme. 

Abby is 18 and graduated this week. I racked my brain on the perfect gift to get her and I was stumped. Then it hit me, there was only one thing that would be "The Perfect Thing". Her very own Graduate. 

Precious Moments has a beautiful graduation collection that I didn't even know about until last week. I received all three pieces on Friday afternoon. Her graduation was Friday night. It couldn't have been more perfect! 

The Future Belongs To You” 4 x 6 Photo Frame
Believe In Possibility” 4 x 4 Photo Keepsake Box
The Future Belongs To You” Bisque Porcelain Figurine

Sadly, about 10 years ago, during a cross country move, my collection was broken. It didn't survive the 750 miles. I loved sharing every feeling, milestone, birthday, and even cancer survivor with these little sentimental collectibles. It was so sad, to say the least. So many of my memories were getting the collectibles to symbolize my achievements. 

Now, as my daughter has reached adulthood, I have passed the torch of Precious Moments for her to carry into her adventures. 

I would like to give a very special Thank You to Precious Moments for being such a special part of my life. For every situation, milestone, and achievement, you can find a way to celebrate life with Precious Moments.

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  1. Precious Moments are timeless. I had some as a child, now my grandchildren enjoy them.