Searching For The BEST Father's Day Gift- MT-XR Metal Detector #metal_detector

I have been trying g to find awesome gift ideas for Father's Day and having a hard time finding stuff that would be fun and interactive that I haven't done so many times before. Something interesting that will be used more than one time and not put up and forgotten. Really, we are at the age now that we are running out of storage space from the past 18 years of awesome gifts that we don't use but don't get rid of either.

Do you let the kids pick out what they want dad to have or does dad name the gift he wants? Every family does it differently. When the kids were little, we just got what we wanted and let them wrap it up with their name on it. Yay, Bonus gifting day.

As they grew, they made gifts at preschool and school for mom and dad, to give out and it was awesome. We have years worth of personalized holiday gifts. We still love them very much. But now that the kids are older, they know more about what people like as gifts and what people appreciate, we let them decide on the gifts that want to give. It has opened up a whole new world for all of us. (High 5 parents!!)

As a family, we watch treasure hunting shows all of the time and its so exciting. They have so many great adventures and they find so much cool stuff. It brings a huge discussion with every show what would be the coolest thing to find and where do you want to go to find it? Surely, we can too someday.

That's when me and the kids had out big talk- "What is the COOLEST thing ever to get dad for Father's Day??" A metal detector!!

Just to think, there is so much cool stuff and it's just right out of view. How many times has this same piece of land been walked over and no one knew what lays right under the surface. It really is so exciting! It's the thrill of the hunt for sure. 

The MT-XR metal detector we chose has features that are perfect for Aron.

Lightweight- lightweight is very important to us. My husband is disabled and it seriously limits his movements. Because of the nerve damage in his arms and legs, he has a problem with dropping things. This isn't heavy and makes it easy and comfortable to hold it as long as he wants to.

Easy to read- The backlight makes reading the display very easy even on a bright day or at night. This means it's ready for any adventure. The panel automatically shuts off after 10 minutes. This saves power for longer outings. Hold the volume button for 2 seconds to power it up again.

Totally portable- This metal detector runs off of a 9V battery so you don't have to worry about any cords, recharging, or anything like that. The super simple easy to get to, battery compartment means you can swap it out whenever you need to and keep the adventure going.

Anyone can use it- he can use it with the kids and it is an enjoyable experience for everyone. The adjustable length makes height and arm length no issue at all. Easy navigation for outside hunting.

Know your signals- This one is totally new to me, I am a beginner. This is the info for detection.

The image readout is divided into 6 categories on the LCD display. When used to find target metals, the corresponding cursor will flash when that metal is located. The Digital ID Cursor offers 2 digit values of 01 to 99 to accurately indicate metal material. Each metal has it's own value range. For example, Iron is 10-40. When the digits show 30, you have detected Iron. Once you are familiar with this more convenient and powerful detection process, you can simply watch the screen to locate more treasure. The sound identification system offers 3 frequency tones to help locate targets.

This is an awesome way to get dad's together with kids for a fun day of treasure hunting. We don't always have to get the same arts and crafts every year. As our kids grow, their ideas grow. This is awesome!!


  1. I'm searching for the great gift too, I always wanted a metal detector

  2. This is an interesting gift :) And the next gift can be which allows you to drink very tasty coffee with milk.