Surprise Mom On Mother's Day With The SKG Neck Massager

We are now only 4 days away from Mothers Day. Do you have the idea of what you are getting your mom yet? This mama is an overstressed lady. With our 2 middle schoolers, all of our pets, and caring for my mom, I feel like I am running constantly. I am sitting here writing this at 5 am, I will work on what I can, I have 3 early appointments, and I'll come back and write more. This is my new normal.

It's very hard on my body and brain to be so busy all of the time. My relaxation time is usually around 12am after my mom, husband, and kids are all tucked in. That doesn't leave me much time to really relax. I know there are other moms out there that are going through the same thing. We are hard working, strong, and depended on by generations of people.

When I had the opportunity to work with SKG on a review of their Neck Massager with Heating Function, I know how happy my kids are going to be to give that to me for Mother's Day. Usually, they go shopping with dad to pick something out but, this year I have what I want ahead of time!! :)

I'm happy I get to pick what I am getting. Have you heard of the SKG Neck Massager? Do you know how awesome this thing is?! I don't mean awesome like "it's a gift from my kids- yay" Awesome. I mean, this thing is staying with me everywhere I go, and no one else gets to use it out, Awesome!

What's in the box?

Package Includes
1 SKG Neck Massager
1 Remote control (with button battery)
1 USB charging cable

The SKG massager is the most stimulating message I have ever had. The Tens technology is more than surprising. Getting it going is really easy too. Just use a washcloth to wet your neck where the metal massagers are to get a more intense result. The metal on the massager is anti-corrode.

It's a headphone style design and very lightweight. It has an intelligent 3D suspension design and 4-point fixed design to fit your neck better. SKG neck massager built-in advanced sensor can precisely control the temperature range to avoid excessive heat. It's the perfect amount of pressure and warmth.

I think the best part about it is that I can use it anywhere. It doesn't have to be plugged into the wall to work. That makes all the difference to me. I have had leg and back massagers before but they all had to be plugged into an outlet to work. None of them had Tend technology either. This massager has the moving heads. That means it will get the best fit, no matter what neck it's on.

This is an amazing gift for moms. It's awesome for dads too!! I got mine on Amazon. It is a Prime product so you can get it in 2 days with free shipping if you are a Prime Member!!

I received this product for free to facilitate this review. If you have any questions please feel free to email me directly. 
Amy Groves- [email protected] 


  1. This is definitely the perfect Mothers Day gift for busy moms everywhere! I know that I would definitely love to receive one of these, my neck hurts all of the time. I really like that it is wireless. Now how can I hint to my husband to get me one of these?! :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. My neck is where I hold most my tension. It causes me to get headaches and migraines. There is something so relaxing about a neck massage

  3. This is a great Mothers Day love to get this!

  4. This would be so amazing. I may never take it off!