What Does It Take To Ensure Your Canine Always Feels Fine?

Obviously, like people, dogs can never be happy and healthy 24/7. But you should always be striving to keep them that way if you want to be the best possible owner. Still, is it possible to ensure a pup is 100% physically and mentally well? After all, you can’t communicate with them quite as easily as you can with a person. It’s not always easy to tell what your dog is thinking or feeling. Still, if you do your very best to look after them then you can increase the likelihood of keeping them happy and healthy for many years to come. What does it take to ensure your canine always feels fine?

A lot of research.

Ideally, you should do this before you buy a dog, but it’s always a wise idea to try to learn as much as you can about the breed of canine you plan on buying. You might know about many of the duties a dog owner must face, either from personal experience or from family members and friends. However, all breeds are different. That’s why you have to do detailed research on your specific type of dog. Talk to others who might know a little something about your breed (e.g. vets) so as to figure out what their requirements might be in terms of diet and exercise. Dogs come in all manner of shapes and sizes, so they all need different things. If you’re ever in doubt as to whether or not you’re doing the right thing for your pet then do some more research or talk to someone. You shouldn’t ever wing it when it comes to your dog’s wellbeing.

A healthy diet.

You also need to ensure your canine follows a healthy diet if you want to ensure they always feel fine. It can be hard to achieve this, of course. Much like grocery stores, pet stores are full of unhealthy food options. Don’t just pick up a bag of dog food and assume it must be healthy for your canine. You have to do your research, much as you should with the food you eat. Plenty of dog food brands are unhealthy and lack the nutritional goodness that your dog needs in order to lead a healthy life. Linking back to the previous point, remember that you have to do research with regards to your specific dog too. Make sure you not only buy the right kind of dog food but also give your pet sufficient portions. Different breeds need different portions. It all depends on the size and constitution of the particular dog.

A good exercise routine.

A good exercise routine is also essential if you want to ensure your canine always feels fine. Again, as mentioned in the introduction, dogs are very similar to people when it comes to their wellbeing. You need to keep your pup physically active so that they remain healthy in terms of their body and mind. Make sure you take them on regular walks so as to protect their wellbeing. It won’t just help them maintain a balanced weight but help to prevent health problems such as heart disease and arthritis. It’ll be good for you and your in terms of bonding; it’s always good to make time in your busy life to simply enjoy your dog’s company.

Plus, it’s good for your health too. And you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of your own wellbeing when it comes to looking after your dog. You can’t be a strong and reliable owner if you’re not in a good physical and mental shape. Your puppy also understands your emotions better than you might realize. If you want to ensure that your dog feels happy and healthy then you have to keep yourself happy and healthy. If you’re unhappy then your canine will be unhappy too. So, set a goal for both you and your dog to maintain a good exercise routine. It’ll be good for the pair of you.

Plenty of supplies.

It also takes plenty of supplies if you want to ensure your canine always feels fine. Showering your puppy with love and affection is important, of course, and we’ll discuss the importance of that later in this article. However, your dog can only get so far on good vibes. You need to make sure you create a household that caters to their needs. If you want your dog to feel fine then they need to be physically and mentally healthy, after all. Have you got everything your pet needs in order to ensure this is the case?

You need not only plenty of food but bowls for food and water too. You need a comfortable leash so that your dog is safe but also happy on walks. You need a dog bed for your canine, but it needs to be supportive as well as cozy. It’s all about putting thought into the things you buy. Don’t adopt the “it’s good enough” mentality when stocking up on supplies for your dog. As we’ve discussed throughout this post, not all of the dog gear you’ll find out there is suitable for dogs in terms of their physical and emotional wellbeing. You might want to check out the dog supply store. They have high-quality goods that range from dog kennels to chew toys. If you want to ensure your canine always feels fine then you have to go the extra mile to provide him or her with the supplies they need.

Frequent grooming.

If you want to ensure your canine always feels fine then you need to groom them frequently. You might think that grooming is something that dog owners do to ensure their pup retains its sleek appearance, but there’s more to it than that. Again, refer back to the earlier point about conducting research on your specific breed of dog; the grooming needs of your canine will depend on its breed. If you have a short-haired dog then you’ll probably need to trim them regularly (their nails and their hair) so as to keep them healthy and happy. They might have needs based on allergies, for instance. Even long-haired dogs need to be groomed regularly. You need to keep their hair from getting knotty. After all, if you want your canine to always feel fine then you need to keep them clean and comfortable. Make sure you always watch out for fleas too. Keeping your dog well-groomed will help to avoid this.


You also need to keep your dog hydrated if you want to keep them feeling fine. We’ve talked about the importance of a good diet already, but you also need to make sure your dog drinks plenty of water throughout the day. Keep topping up their water bowl because they’re not in the wild; they’re not going to be able to find their own water sources throughout the day. You might also want to add Pedialyte into their water bowl to help replenish their electrolytes. Water obviously helps with this, but this product will also help to give your canine plenty of minerals such as potassium and sodium. We’ve talked about the difficulty of being able to assess your dog’s wellbeing because they can’t communicate with us, but you can tell if your dog is hydrated by paying attention to warning signs. A dry mouth, panting, and loss of elasticity in the skin are all indicators that your pup might be dehydrated.

Plenty of attention.

We’ve talked about many things that your dog needs in abundance, but attention might be one of the most important on the list. Dogs are social creatures. That means they shouldn’t be left to their own devices for too long. This isn’t just a good piece of advice if you’re worried about your puppy making a mess of the house; it’s a good piece of advice in terms of keeping your canine mentally healthy. They need to spend time with you to keep them happy and healthy. We’ve already talked about the importance of taking them out on walks, and this is a good way to spend time with them; it’s also a good opportunity for them to socialize with other dogs they might meet if you go to a park or another public place. But it’s certainly not the only time you should give your dog attention.

Relax with your canine in the house; play tug of war with one of their chew toys or throw a ball for them to fetch. You should only take on the responsibility of being a dog owner if you have time to spend with them. A dog isn’t just for Christmas, after all. You can’t treat them like a novelty. They have to become a part of your family. You have to be willing to shower your dog with love and affection. This is a key part of ensuring your canine always feels fine. Their mental state is just as important as their physical state, as we’ve discussed throughout this post.


  1. Our family dog has definitely had a case of the blues lately. His main buddy my oldest daughter left for the summer and he's lonely. She's going to college in the fall so I don't think it's going to get better.

  2. Great article ! I am passing this on to my friends who just adopted a puppy