Find Your Best Lighting With Mirrormore Makeup Mirror

How do you put your makeup on? Are you happy with your makeup station? I am the queen of trying to use the worst lighting and hoping for the best results. Last week I sat at my desk trying on a new eye shadow palette and guess what, yes, that bad! It was such a disaster, my daughter laughed out loud. It took all of about 5 seconds to realize what the laughing matter was. It was me.

I have had several vanities throughout my lifetime. They change from time to time due to my space availability, my lighting needs, and several other factors. I had a super cool portable one that my daughter decided she liked more so that left me vanity light-less and in the market for a new one.

So, that's what brought me to this review. My NEW Makeup Mirror with Lights, Large Vanity Mirror with 12 Dimmable LED Bulbs, 3 Color Lighting Modes, Smart Touch Control,14"W x 18"H, Hollywood Lighted Makeup Mirror with 10x Magnifying Mirror, Matte

 The Mirrormore touch screen control mirror has a beautiful matte nickel finish that looks amazing in any setting. I love the tilt feature that lets me use it in any position. The suction cup magnifying mirror is perfect because it can go anywhere on the mirror for just the right position instead of having to reposition myself, I can reposition the mini mirror!

Quality Mirror 

A mirror is the first step in getting your makeup on right. You will want to be able to see your whole face at one time to make sure everything is even and balanced.

Clean Lighting Options

A key feature in a great makeup mirror is the light quality. Having a clean light that will show off your skin in the best light. Have you ever been in the car and noticed you have a mustache that you didn't see at home, yes, lighting!! You need a good quality light source to make the magic happen.

Adjustable lighting for the time of day is a huge plus! This mirror has 3 color modes!

Size Matters

A large mirror is awesome to have. I need to see my whole face when I'm putting my make up on. I want to be able to compare sides to make sure I am blended evenly. The 14"W x 18"H vanity mirror is the perfect mirror for a desk style makeup station.

A Good Close Up

Magnification is so important when putting on makeup. You want to be able to see as closely and as clearly when applying your makeup. You can easily spot blemishes and correct and spots that need attention.

Easy On/Off

When you are using a makeup mirror you don't want to fight with it. This is a simple touch-activated power. There is no chasing down the cord behind the table to feel the roller in the switch, feeling the back of the mirror for a flipper, or any of that annoying stuff. It is a simple touch to get it to turn on. Pretty Cool, Right?

You can find the Mirror with magnification and 3 modes of lights on Amazon (Best Deal found with Shopbrain). It's free 2-day shipping for Prime Members. Keep in mind Prime Day is coming up in July!!

I received this product as a gift for free to facilitate this review. If you have any questions please feel free to email me directly.


  1. Wow this is an awesome mirror, it definitely makes me think of what a professional would use! The lights are around it are great and I absolutely love it you can turn it on/off with a touch. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. This is nice. I really love this mirror. The touch-activated feature is really nice.