KitNipBox Subscription Box For Cats Is Awesome!! Get Yours 15%Off

Do you ever get your pets surprises? We do, we are animal people. We have more pets than people in our house. Our dogs have chew toys, ropes, balls, you name it, there are always dog toys laying around the house. Our cats, on the other hand, are way more, how do I say, stuck up? They are lazy and opinionated. They like loves when they want loves and have no problem in letting us know when and how to give it. That's why we love them.

Recently I was told about KitNipBox, it's a subscription box for cats. It's loaded with cat-loving catnip toys. It was hysterical watching them get into the box. They were so funny getting the toys out. Of course, I videoed it for all of you to see just how much fun it is for even cats to find enjoyment in something at the same time. I thought that was impossible!!

Their reactions were priceless!!

Hairy, our gray and white kitty (@thefattestboi7242 on Instagram) was very deliberate.; He wanted the box and all of its contents. When I say he wanted the box I mean once everything was out of the box, he got in it and turned himself into a huge hunk of lead. I didn't think I was going to be able to get him out of it with one hand.

Rocko, our black kitty found the catnip catsup and did not let it go. He LOVED it all over the living room floor. While Hairy was wallering all over everything, Rocko was still with the catsup, for a long time. He was laying there licking it.

What came in this month's Multi Cat KitNipBox?

  • Catnip Catsup
  • Catnip TBone
  • Catnip Oven Mitt
  • Catnip Salomi
  • Catnip Ravioli
  • Catnip Vegie Wand
  • Meowing- Salmon infused with catnip

This is so awesome!!!!!

I wanted to document my kitties live reaction to the box opening and they loved it!! At first, Rocko didn't want to play along but it was no time before his excitement got the best of him. Watch as he LOVES his toy. Hairy took a more passionate response to the gift box. He was so in love with it, he wanted to move into it.

Thanks again to KitNip for sending us this awesome gift for the multi-cat box, our little (ok, big) kitties love all of the toys that came inside.

If you have kitties that love to have fun, get them the

Save 15% off your first box, and this code is: AMYARON15

I received this product for free to facilitate this review. If you have any questions please feel free to email me directly.
Amy Groves- [email protected]

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  1. Wow, it definitely seems like your kitties enjoyed the box!! I would love to get something like this for our Rosie, she would love it! I love that everything is so adorable, and themed. :) Thank you so much for sharing!