Nine Fun Outdoor Activities All Parents Should Try with Their Kids

It’s hard to lure the kids of today away from their Snapchat and Netflix. But if it’s a good day outside and you have something really cool that’s planned out, maybe (just maybe) they’ll change their minds. Here are nine fun and exciting activities that you can do with your little bundles of joy:

1. Join a Family Fun Run

If you have slightly older kids, you can entice them to enter a fun run with you. There are five-kilometer and three-kilometer distances, or if you’re just in it for the quality time with your kids, there’s a one-kilometer option that’s perfect for beginners. Just don’t forget to bring the essentials like proper shoes, water, or athletic headbands for your daughters.

2. Play a Friendly Game of Baseball

Invite other families, and play a friendly game of parents-versus-kids baseball. It is, after all, America’s favorite pastime. It would be fun to watch kids of varying ages and parents of different skill levels battle it out in an open field. To further up the ante, prepare prices for the winning team.

3. Plan a Backyard Movie Night

Movie nights are always fun. You can stay in, order Chinese food, and enjoy a lighthearted family film. But if you’re looking for something special and different, you can organize a movie night in your backyard and have other kids and parents over.

4. Go Camping in the Woods

Camping is the ultimate outdoor activity. There are loads of things that parents can do with their kids. You can work on pitching your tent together and setting up the campsite. By nightfall, you can build a bonfire, sing songs, and eat smores. Then before you sleep, gaze into the night sky, and count all the constellations that you see.

5. Make a Scarecrow

Putting up a scarecrow is the perfect autumn activity that you can do with your kids. It might seem weird to do if you live in the suburbs, but kids will go gaga for this. It’s like the fall version of making a snowman. It does require a little bit of craftsmanship, but it’ll be worth all the trouble.

6. Play Giant Jenga in the Backyard

Regular Jenga is fun, but what’s even more exciting is giant Jenga. Before you can play, though, you’ll have to build the pieces first. All you need are several pieces of plyboard, which you can get from your nearest hardware store. Let the kids join in on the fun by helping them paint the game pieces.

7. Support a Local Sports Team

For a local sports event, you don’t need to have season passes. Just show up to the venue, buy yourself and your kids a ticket, and you’re good to go! May it be minor-league soccer or a town swim meet, dress in the colors of the team you’re rooting for. Don’t forget to buy some soda and junk food for the kids. Live a little!

8. Go on a Picnic in a Public Park

Sometimes the best kind of outdoor activity is the simplest, like setting a picnic in a public park with your kids. You can enjoy home-cooked meals together, and after, the kids can play around in the park with their friends.

9. Paint a Mural on the Side of Your Home

If it’s summer and too hot to really go outside but too boring to stay in, you can find a wall on the side of your home that’s not too exposed to the sun and paint a mural on it. Brainstorm as a family of what the mural will look like, and start painting.


  1. These are all great ideas. I used to do a lot of activities with my parents like cycling, hiking, playing frisbee at dusk. Memories I will have forever.

  2. I always wanted to make a Scarecrow. This would be a perfect family activity in October!