Ready To Potty Train? Find The Best Seat With Skyroku

Potty training can be so much more than exhausting for parents and kids. Finding the best way is a process of trial and error that I hope goes smoothly for all of you. It's so much more than getting your little one to know that there is a place to go potty other than in their pants. A grown-up potty can be terrifying to a little guy. I mean really, it eats poop!! Parents tell their little ones to leave it alone for 2 years then out of nowhere they have to put their little butts on it and do what!!!!

There is a about a year, maybe longer, that a little tushy isn't big enough to sit down without the worry of falling in or falling off. Little guys need to have confidence when they are using a big potty. It's a big hole that their little body could easily slip right into. Some kids don't like to be that high up. It's all about their confidence and safety. Finding the right potty seat can be the key to a successful potty training experience.

Check out these 3 potty seats. 

#1. Potty Training Seat for Baby Kid Boy Girl Toddler, Toilet Training Seat with Handles for Kids with Cushion and Backrest Secure for Oval Round Toilet (Green) -

This is a standard potty seat- toilet seat insert shape with extras! It has a backrest to ease the feeling of falling and handles so even if they are up there for a little while, it's not scary. It has a removable padded seat for comfort that's easy to wash. It fits right on the existing toilet seat and locks in place. It comes with no-slip grips for a secure seat.

#2. Traveling Potty Seat-

The Travel Potty Seat is perfect for parents on the go. It folds into quarters for easy storage and fits in a little drawstring washable bag. It's a plastic seat that can be washed up very easily. It comes in blue and pink. This is a great idea!! I wish I had one when my kids were little. This makes all of those trips to town so much easier. Kids 1-year-old to 6 years old can use this.

Why I like this so much is because it gives our little ones confidence without setbacks. No need to put the pull up on and make them feel like they have an excuse to go potty without using the toilet. Only positive movements forward.

#3. Potty Training Seat with Step Stool Ladder, SKYROKU Potty Training Toilet for Kids Boys Girls Toddlers-Comfortable Safe Potty Seat with Anti-Slip Pads Ladder (Pink) -

The Potty Seat With a Ladder is probably the most awesome potty seat I have ever seen. This one comes in pink and blue and in single or double packs. I think this is awesome for our independent little ones. It comes with a built-in step so the climb isn't so intimidating.  It holds up to 75lbs.

It has all of the great features as a regular seat insert but it's got the built-in ladder (does need to be assembled). Another great feature, it folds up for convenient storage. It slides right out of the way.

If you are trying to find the best potty seat for your little ones, Skyroku has you covered!!

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