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How many hours do you spend trying to save money shopping online? Scrolling for countless hours trying to get the best deal for your money. Searching coupon and deal sites trying to get the best price to make your hard-earned dollars stretch as far as possible. Is there a way to count those hours?

Not to mention the time wasted by forgetting what I was actually doing. I'll start with finding what I want then thinking I remember seeing a coupon in my inbox, then checking the other deal sites to see who can save me a buck. Then I hit up a few more stores to see if I can find it on their site because they might have it cheaper. Hey, I might find something better, cheaper, somewhere else. I end up talking myself out of the product altogether because there is something else I found instead or I frustrate myself out of making a purchase entirely. That is not how I like saving money. There is no satisfaction in that at all!!

 I have said, there has got to be an easier way, so many times. I was right!! Na Na Na Na Na- Shopbrain!! I sang that as I typed to the Batman tune, you will be too as soon as you check it out. It's a superhero for online shopping.

Wouldn't it just be so easy if I could see the product I want and on the side of the screen- a list of other stores that sell the same product and the price they sell it for? Just to verify if I am getting a great deal or not. All in one screen, All in one search. A dream come true, right?

Thanks, Shopbrain for doing just that!

Do you have apps or subscriptions that you use to find the best deal? I have a bookmark folder in my toolbar to check all of the popular places that I shop to get the best prices for the stuff I'm buying. Guess who doesn't have to scroll down the list anymore? You guessed it!! ME!!!

 Shopbrain is a price comparison extension for your Google Chrome toolbar that helps you shop to find the best price on sites like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Best Buy or Home Depot, and more.

What I absolutely love about this is there are no coupons or buy in's needed. It is a FREE extension that shows you the best place to buy what you are buying. No copy, paste, subscribe to this and that. There isn't any group you have to be a part of. You don't have to do anything except add the extension on your Chrome browser (for FREE). It was less than a minute and I instantly saw results. Where to buy the product I was looking for, the first time, compared to other sites. I love it! As much as I shop online, this is my new best shopping friend.

Click the link here to get the extension-

Enable the Chrome Extension and it does it all by itself. As soon as you open up the site you want to shop at, the extension wakes up and does its thing.

Check out how easy it is to find savings! I was looking for a backpack for my daughter and she had two bags that she really wanted. Me, the bargain hunter decided, she's getting the one that cost's less since I have an option when she presented me with two ideas. The Supreme red backpack or the Champion backpack both on Amazon. As soon as the page loaded,  Shopbrain started doing its magic.

For both of the backpacks, there was a cheaper price on another site.

Shopbrain works on all kinds of online shopping. I just got my oldest daughter an air conditioner for her new bedroom. I wish I would have known about the awesome extension a few weeks ago!!

I bought this on Best Buy but could have saved $8.20. Every little bit helps when you are shopping for the whole family. I shop on Best Buy all of the time because I like the quality, customer service and the ship to home option. The closest Best Buy is about 2 hours from here so online shopping is how it's done. BUT If I can get the same product I am going to purchase, cheaper somewhere else, I will do it.

Shopbrain also monitors price history so you know if now is a good time to buy. That is a great perk for impulse shoppers like me.

This is so cool. I have other extensions that help me save money at the stores I am shopping on already. Finding coupon codes and whatnot. This is the first extension I have ever had that can help me search the web without having to search!! It really does it all for me.

I have tested it out on everything, everywhere I can think of. From seasonal shopping, household shopping, travel locations, and even everyday items like clothing and makeup! and Shopbrain is useful EVERYWHERE!! It lets me know right away if someone else has it cheaper or if I am already getting the best price. I like it that it displays the price even if it's already the best price. I don't like the pop-up that says I already have the best price for that store, I like to see who else has it. I like to see the proof. Again, thanks Shopbrain!!

So, we're taking a day trip in about a week and going into the city for some adventuring. We found a trampoline park right outside Atlanta and want to stay close it. I want to show you just how easy it is to save a bunch of money on lodging too.

Not only did we find an amazing price, but we were also able to pick extra amenities and be very selective, while still saving money! Saving enough money to cover the entire cost of the trampoline park. It's so easy to save at home or on the go. Shopbrain has a mobile app that's available on iOS and Android to check prices.

Shopbrain is currently running a Sweepstakes to give shoppers a chance to win up to $5,000 in Amazon gift cards. Check here for the details and you can also search social media with  #winwithshopbrain to find out more.

Check out the FREE Chrome Extension to help you find the best prices on everything you do online. If you want to see right where the best deal on all of the things you shop for, Shopbrain is the easiest way to do it.

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