Womb To Walking Larktale Chit Chat Stroller Is Perfect For Every Trip

I received a gifted Larktale Chit Chat stroller in order to facilitate this review.

Did you travel with your kids and take them out on adventures? What is the one thing that made every adventure enjoyable for the whole family? Whether it was to diddle around town or a family trip to the zoo, the stroller is a must! Did you ever go somewhere and not bring the stroller? I made that mistake a few times. By the end of the day, my arms felt like they were rubber and dragging the ground behind me. Even that sweet little bundle of joy that only weights 20lbs will feel like a solid chunk of lead by the end of the day.

For our Womb To Walking Baby Guide, we were able to collaborate with an amazing brand, Larktale. Their consumer friendly designs are what all parents need. You could imagine my excitement when they sent over the Chit Chat stroller. I love the Larktale Chit Chat Stroller, the design, it's portability, user-friendly foldability, and the color options. Everything about it is perfect for parents and their kids.

What are some questions you ask yourself when looking for a stroller? I racked my brain and came up with a few.

Is it heavy? No
Can I open it with one hand? Yes
Will it fit in the trunk? Yes
Does it have space for my personal stuff? Yes
Does it have a canopy? Yes
Can I steer it with one hand? Yes

Those seem to be pretty basic requests when it comes to a stroller but they are important. Have you ever tried to open a stroller with a sleeping baby in one arm? Held one child's hand and had to push a stroller? Have you ever experiences a baby with a sunburn because there wasn't a canopy? Have you ever had to balance your purse phone and drink because there was no space in the stroller for your stuff?

I'm just so excited, I don't know where to begin with it!

What comes in the box?

I Unit Larktale Chit Chat Stroller

Just how big is it?

Assembled Dimensions: L: 19.5 x W: 25.6 x H: 39.3 inches
Folded Dimensions: L: 8.1 x W: 19.5 x H: 25.0 inches
Weight: 14.5 lbs

What weight/size limitations does it have? 

Age range-  6 Months to 55 lbs

I love the features on this stroller. It is SO EASY to use and store. Everything about it is simple.


This is a big thing for me. When my girls were little I needed to have something that would open easily, hopefully with one hand because of 9 times out of 10, I was holding them while trying to open the stroller.

The Chit Chat Stroller has a one-handed push button open and a two-handed closing.


Storage is very important on a stroller. Whether you are just going to the park or if you are headed out for a full day around the amusement park, the Chit Chat stroller from Larktale is the perfect kid vehicle. The storage basket under the seat has plenty of room to hold all of the necessities. Diapers, bottles/cups, change of clothes, and even a purse can fit in there with no problems.

Something I love is the drink holder. It hooks right on the stroller and it pivots so hills won't even let the drink spill. It sways back and forth so uphill and downhill are both no problem at all.

Buckling Up Safety

The child restraints were a little confusing at first glance but the first time I used them it was easy to get the hang of. Each of the straps come undone so putting the baby in or taking the baby out is super simple. No getting the baby's foot or arm snagged in a strap. In case of an emergency, everything comes undone so easily.

The buckles go into each other to securely hold them in place. It's really easy to use too.

Weather Safety

I love the hood and visor. It expands enough to shade the whole baby. No sunburns!!

Adjustable Positions

I love the ease of position change. The soft sides have zippers that let the sides down from a sitting position to a reclined position.


The seat is super soft and cushioned for a comfortable ride. The straps even have cushions on them so there is no digging or pinching.

I love the features of this stroller so much I couldn't just take pictures. I was one-handed in the park in the rain but I had to do a video to show these features. So sorry about the ending, I hit off button trying to close it.

If you can't tell I love the Larktale Chit Chat Stroller. This is definitely an asset to every day with a baby.  Check out Larktale to see what all they have to offer to fit your lifestyle.

 If you have any questions please feel free to email me directly.
Amy Groves- [email protected] 

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