Bring a Portable Oven To Work Make Delicious Meals For Less

What do you like to do for lunch? Do you grab your meal out of a vending machine? Hit up a cafeteria or drive through? Have you ever thought of having your own personal oven right at work? Sounds a little weird right? Having an oven at your desk? No, it's not. And it's super easy! Most importantly, lightweight! Yes, that was the shocker to me too. It's an electric lunchbox!! 

We just had the opportunity to check out a Portable Oven by Aotto. I love it when brands do this. You can get one too at a 30% discount (Thanks Aotto) Use code "XYYO345G" when checking out and it will automatically take the 30% off you the cost of the portable oven.

What is the point of a portable oven? 

Being able to give yourself a better quality and healthier meal on the go. You don't have to worry about using the dirty microwave at work, waiting in line with your co-workers- hoping to get your food heated before you have to get back to work. 

You can sit at your desk with your portable oven near you so you know Karen won't be picking through your bag while you aren't looking. Its compact design will fit pretty much anywhere. You can keep it right under your desk or even on your desk. 

Options are endless!

You can use this to heat a variety of foods. 

Reheating Food-  Plug in your portable oven and reheat your food for 30-45 minutes and it's ready to eat. 

Cooking fresh food- 1-2 hours for cooking fresh food

Cooking food from frozen- 4 hours cook time

Saving money while making money is a great thing, in my opinion. Eating lunch out can be very pricey. I know the old saying it takes money to make money but really, it doesn't have to be that much. By bring food from home, you are saving about $10 per day by not going to a drive through. It's not just the cost of the drive through but the time it takes to get to your car, get to the place, get through the congested line, get back to work, eat and clock back in all in 30 minutes. I've done it a million times. It's not necessarily a bad thing, there are just more cost effective ways to get it done.

How Big is It?

The size of the portable oven can be deceiving in the Amazon pictures. I thought it was a little bit bigger based on the size and shape of the container it's pictured with. This container measures:
Bag Dimension: 9.2”*7”*4” inch
Heating Plate Dimension: 8.2”*6”*0.6” inch Length of Electrical Cord: 48 inch/4 ft
Biggest Acceptable Food Container : 9"W x 6.75"L x 3"H

It folds up super small for easy storage too. Its soft design makes it the perfect size to fit on any shelf so it's not in the way. There is no need for it to take up counter space in between uses. 

It is so simple to use too. I got this easy step by step instruction right off of the sale page on Amazon. 
How to Use This Portable Oven?
1.Place food in the tote - Choose your favorite fresh or prepared meal from the refrigerator or freezer.
2. Go about your day - Simply plug the Aotto portable oven into an outlet and enjoy your daily activities knowing that your electric lunch warmer is safely warming/cooking your meal.
3. Eat and enjoy - You deserve to enjoy a delicious hot meal wherever your day takes you. The Aotto food warmer oven makes sure it's cooked to perfection and ready when you are.
How do you make sure that it won't overcook my food?
Here I'd like to explain how does this portable oven work:
1. Firstly you put your food into the tote and plug it into an outlet to get it to work.
2. The oven will slowly heat your food till temperature 239°F.
3. Then it will auto reduce the temperature down until 149°F.
4. And will keep warming your food during a temperature of 149°F-239°F.
It is a slow cooking oven, so it will heat your food evenly, and also will preserve the moisture and nutrition of your food.

If you are looking for a great way to bring your lunch to work, check out this portable oven (electric lunchbox) by Aotto. This is available on Amazon and is eligible for Prime 2 day free shipping. Don't forget Prime Day is coming!! It's in July!

I received this product as a gift for free to facilitate this review. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me directly.
Amy Groves- [email protected]


  1. I totally need this when I transport dishes over to family during the holidays. I love the size of the bag.

  2. Wow, I need one of these. I love that it is so easy to use. I freeze a lot of my meals and this would be so great to just take them out of the freezer and warm them up in this. No more heating the oven up...

  3. I pack lunches for my fiance' every morning. This would be nice for him.

  4. This is such an awesome lunchbox!! I can't believe that it keeps food hot like it does, it would definitely be extremely handy to have! I am going to get one for my husband now. Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. This would be perfect for my husband who travels a lot for work but has a source of power at all times. I think this would help cut out fast food and there are healthier frozen options out there.