Goodiescals Free App is Available on Google play, Amazon, and Getjar

Do you have a diet budget? I made myself a diet budget because I have to keep better track of my food and calorie intake. It's hard to do when I'm out of the house so much. I just found a free app that does the hard work for me! Goodiescals has the info right there so it's easy to find.

This is a FREE App creating and helping people to know the calorific value of varieties of food before even tasting it. Because calories make or unmake our health. The listed food items in the App like rice or wheat items, snacks, sweets, and drinks certainly give an idea for any other food. This FREE App's knowledge people will be using life long consciously or subconsciously whether anybody believes it or not! Goodiescals is available in Google play store, Amazon App store and Getjar for FREE.

Downloading the app is simple and fast. When it opens, there are 9 tabs to choose from so you can easily find what you are looking for.

Pure Vegans

Pure Vegans lists 10 popular dishes of vegan category like Masala Dosa, Poori, and Naan dishes.

Pure Veggies

Pure Veggies lists 10 popular dishes of the Pure Veggies category like Bhuvanesh Special, Mylapore Kumar Special, and Kamu Special.

Quick Snacks and Knick Knacks

Quick Snacks and Knick Knacks lists 10 popular dishes of the snack category like Sachin Tendulkar, Ambani Special, and Ramala Special.

Full Non-Vegan

Full Non-Vegan lists 10 popular dishes of the non-vegan category with meats like chicken and fish.  Pradeep Special Authentic Chicken Fried Rice, Gayathri Special Fish Tikka, and Chennai Saravana Special Egg Omelet.

Full Non Veggies

Full Non Veggies lists 8 popular dishes of the non-veggie meal category like Aduthurai Siva Special Chilly Chicken, Surendran Special Fish Fry or Fish Fingers.

Sappings and Nightcaps

Sappings and Nightcaps list have 10 popular drinks like pineapple juice, coca cola, and yum- I mean rum.

Mumsy Glance, Foolproof Tip, and Millennium Apps June 2019 are other tabs with nonfood related info on them.

This is a very informative app and has so much potential to grow. I would love to to see an interactive section with each tab to find the goodies locally that it lists. I would love to try the dishes I haven't tried yet but, I'm not sure where to find them.

If there was an "Indian Food Near Me" search bar in the app so I could type in the zip code where I am and locate these dishes it would be a fun way to be more interactive. I think it would be fun for downloaders like me to be able to submit requests for new dish items we would like to see on there.

Check out the Goodiescal app to find out what else it has to offer right at the tip of your fingers!!

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  1. This definitely sounds like a very informative and helpful app! I have never heard of it before, thank you so much for sharing!