Looking for a great t-shirt template and ideas? Check these ones out!

Looking for a great t-shirt template and ideas? Check these ones out!

Finding the right t-shirt template and ideas can be really hard. There are lots of choices ahead of you and you are only limited by your imagination. From movies, to cartoons, popular art and music, there are lots of themes that can efficiently be used for your new t-shirt.

But how do you recognize a good from a bad idea? What would look cool and what would look like a disaster? There are lots of considerations you need to have in mind when designing your new t-shirt. Now, it is good to know that you don’t have to be a design major in order to create a great template. Instead, by simply following several rules, you will be able to create an item that will last you for year and years.

Check out some of the best tips that will help you create a new custom t-shirt!

Focus on the right ideas

First and foremost, you should never make compromises when deciding what to wear. The whole point of creating custom t-shirts is the freedom of creating your own patterns. Experiment with various themes and picks things that work well for you and not those that would work for your environment.

Consider the complexity

Generally speaking, it is really cool to have a complex, intricate t-shirt. But sometimes, the idea may get lost in all the details. The more stuff you have on a t-shirt, the harder it gets to recognize individual elements. Then again, it all comes down to your reasons for creating one. Do you want to have something cool to wear outside; an image that everyone can appreciate? Or do you simply want to create a t-shirt that will be symbolic for you?

Think broader

Each person has one main thing he loves. Some people appreciate horror flicks, others are into local football team. Our first instinct is to create something that will connect us to the thing we love the most. But think about that; is this the only thing you would like to put on an item? Perhaps there is an old book you’ve read, a paragraph from a novel, perhaps some strange occurrence that happened to you? Instead of going with your instincts, why don’t you try and recreate those forgotten moments from your past and have them on a t-shirt for future years.

Mix and match colors

Of course, one of the main reasons to go with these items is your ability to use various color schemes. If you pay close attention to clothing in stores, they usually rely on same patterns. T-shirts are big culprits as companies rarely experiment with them. Instead, they simply go with generic designs that rely on a minimal number of colors. Although this makes sense in terms of design and outfit matching, these items get boring very quickly. There is no point in creating t-shirts that will reduce your creativity. Instead of following the patterns, be yourself and go crazy with the colors. Even if you don’t have anything in your closet to match it with, you can buy additional shorts and jeans afterwards.

Rely on cotton

When ordering one of these items, keep in mind that cotton is the best material for custom-made clothing. Prints stick on it for a much longer period of time making your investment that much better. 100% cotton is usually more expensive but it is worth it in the long run. If you don’t want to go with it, you can always rely on a mix of cotton and polyester.


  1. These are very good tips on making an amazing custom t-shirt! My husband and I have made shirts for his business before and I agree that 100% cotton is best. Thanks for sharing!