The Perfect Hand Held Travel Companion For The Whole Family

All summer we look for fun products to add to our travel posts. We love traveling with the kids pretty much everywhere. Aron and I have   Anything from seat accessories, games, and gadgets- pretty much anything travel. We love products that work perfectly with everyday life and travel. We just got that with the Douddy Handheld Games for Kids.

We love the kids having handheld games when we are on road trips so they don't get bored. Even if it's just a trip to town and back or if we have to go to the doctor, grocery store, or pretty much anywhere that they might get bored.

Even home, this is our second handheld game and we keep them both charged just in case the moment arises that one of them says "I'm Bored". We get a lot of storms in the summertime here resulting in power outages and these handheld games are the perfect thing for the kids (and grownups) to play.

While I was reviewing it, I spent nearly an hour and a half just on the bowling and darts games. This portable handheld game has over 200 built-in games, super easy to use features, and awesome portability.  I want to go over all of the specifics for this review.

Single purchase game 

YES!!!- No in-App Purchases or having a card on file to play!!! One of my favorite features is there are no additional purchases needed. All of its capabilities are on it at the time of purchasing.

No Wifi Needed

This handheld game operates on the memory it has built in. There is no connection or installation needed to play.

Preloaded fun

This game has 220 built-in games that are ready to play as soon. As the game is turned on. There is never a reason to need to update or anything.


It has a 3-inch display so it's a little bit smaller than the size of a cellphone display. It's comfortable to watch without eye strain.


 It has all of the buttons for gameplay on the face of the device. There aren't any top buttons to click. It is so easy to use!

Play buttons:
On the right face, it has A, B, X, Y, C, and Z

On the left face, it has reset, up, down, left, and right in bright colors.
The select and start buttons are toward the lower left.

Other controls-

Power on/off is on the top of the game
The charger port is at the center top.
The volume wheel is right next to that to the right.

Graphic display

The games have cartoon style graphics that go along with the games. Each game is unique and fun.

Three Power Supply Design! 

First rechargeable polymer lithium battery, that is included.
Second, you can use the USB cable plug & play with a portable power bank.
Three, you can use AAA batteries.

Compact design 

This is the perfect game to throw in the glove box, in a backpack, a purse, you name it! It's comfortable to hold for kids and adults.

The whole family loves the Douddy Handheld Games for Kids


  1. This would be great to have. I love that it has over 200 games preloaded on it.

  2. Wow, this hand held game player sounds amazing!! It makes me a little nostalgic because it reminds me of Gameboy. :) My kids would LOVE this, and I love that it has all of the games on it without having to purchase more. Thank you so much for sharing!