Achieving Joy Through Permanent Lifestyle Changes

Everybody’s mood fluctuates. It’s impossible to be happy 24/7, but it can certainly be easier to achieve joy if you keep yourself healthy. Still, it’s not as easy as snapping your fingers and instantly changing your lifestyle. You have to form habits so you can improve your wellbeing in the long-term. It’s time to make permanent lifestyle changes if you want to achieve joy. The following points should prove useful in that regard.


Getting into a regular exercise pattern is a good place to begin. By keeping yourself physically active on a constant basis, you’ll keep yourself mentally active. Exercise releases endorphins in the brain, and that’ll massively improve your mood. But not everybody wants to exercise. In fact, few people do. If you want to stick to a workout schedule, you need to find a form of physical activity that’s actually enjoyable. Why not take up an interesting type of exercise, such as tai chi? That would certainly make exercise feel a little less mundane. Don’t force yourself to go to the gym if you find it boring. Don’t exercise on your own if you crave a social form of activity. Your new fitness regime will only stick if you find it exciting or rewarding on a mental level. All forms of exercise are physically rewarding, but your daily routine needs to be mentally rewarding too. Otherwise, you’ll struggle to truly achieve joy in the long-term. Healthiness is about more than getting in shape, after all.


As discussed in the previous point, becoming healthy is all about developing habits. That’s how you’ll make permanent lifestyle changes and, in turn, improve your mental health. The key to achieving joy is improving your emotional wellbeing, after all. But developing good habits such as eating well and exercising will only take you so far. If you really want to improve your physical and psychological state, then you need to stop bad habits in your daily lifestyle. For instance, a diet full of vegetables won’t be healthy if you snack excessively on processed snacks that lack nutritional value. You need to achieve balance in your life to improve your health and achieve joy. So, it’s time to cut unhealthy patterns out of your routine. If you’re struggling with more addictive habits such as smoking or drinking, then you might want to look into professional solutions that could help you with sober living. With help from the right people, you could start to reduce unhealthy habits in your lifestyle that are negatively affecting your mental health. In turn, you’ll be much happier. You have to make lasting changes, of course. That’s why it’s important to ask for help from others if you’re finding it tough to make new habits stick.


Improving your sleeping pattern is another crucial way to improve your physical and mental wellbeing in the long-term. A good night’s sleep will give you plenty of energy, reduce the bags under your eyes, and make it easier to concentrate. But many people fail to appreciate the true effect that rest has on the mind. Sleep deprivation can’t be solved with caffeine; that might give you a boost, but energy depletion is only one consequence of sleep deprivation. Rest is essential for your mental wellbeing, so make sure you sleep well if you want to reduce stress, anxiety, or even depression.

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