At Home Beauty Treatment- V Line Lifting Face Mask

Have you ever tried at-home beauty treatments? I am here to tell you, they are not all fun and some of them are absolutely ridiculous. There are masks, tapes, muds, and so many more treatments that are available for just about everything you want to be done at home without surgery. That's awesome!!

Look at this, the V Line Lifting Face Mask is something you can do right from home. In the comfort of your own home! While you are doing anything else!!

I am a woman, let's make it more relatable, I am human. I am aging little by little. I am seeing little changes in myself that are happening to myself and to be even more honest, I'm not ready. I don't feel a day over 25. I still feel young and energetic, I don't feel like I should have a wobbly chin and bags under my eyes that look like I haven't slept a full night since 1999. Except for the nights I have to fight my dogs for space on the bed and that I haven't actually slept a full night since 2001.

I want the world to see me like I feel on the inner-inner me. I have insecurities. Why wear my insecurities on my face, right? I want to be confident and put my best self forward all of the time.  I want to be positive and received like that. So, that is why I try home beauty treatments. I want to be able to see the results in my home. I don't feel like my little flaws are warranting a surgery or drastic amount of attention. I want to be able to put a mask on, a hair treatment on, and pamper myself!

So, you might be wondering, what's the point of the V-Lift Face mask. It's simple, to give yourself a more narrow face and more visible jawline. To use the natural moisture in my skin to rejuvenate the elasticity and tighten the sagging skin under my chin. To effectively remove edema and get rid of my double chin.

 As simple as it may seem to use a filter to get the desired look the reality of it is, we want to look good in real life too. People don't see us through the filters we use in our phones for fun. We want people to see us as we want to be seen.

I have insecurities. Why wear my insecurities on my face, right? I want to be confident and put my best self forward all of the time.

These little wonder masks have taken the social media world by storm. They are helping by making people feel better in pictures AND being able to use the #nofilter in their posts. Who doesn't love that? I am constantly using filters to add a little extra to the picture to take the focus off of my imperfections.

This is so simple to use. Clean your face fully of makeup and other treatments.

Open up the package of the V Line Lifting Face Mask.  There is a peel-off backing to keep the treatment moist. Peel that off and place it on your face.

-The mask is one piece with cutouts for the ears in 2 places. One strip will go across the chin, there is a chin cut out. The other will wrap under the chin and up to the ears. The material is stretchy and will fit the face snuggly.

What I like about the V Line Lifting Face Mask is that it's good for even sensitive skin like mine. I was checking the sale page and want to share the recommended tops with you:

 Use Tips: We suggest you use chin up tightening patch 10 hours for every time use. And use it 2-4 times a week for four weeks for better results. Attention: In order to achieve a firming effect, the mask design is relatively tight, if you can not accept, please be careful to buy.

If you are looking for a fun home treatment that you can do by yourself or with a group, the V Line Lifting Face Mask is an awesome choice!!

I received this product for free or reduced-price to facilitate this review. If you have any questions please feel free to email me directly.
Amy Groves- [email protected]  


  1. This sounds like an amazing face mask! I have never seen anything like it before, thanks for sharing!