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We are so excited to show you the awesome backpack we just got from They have such a wide variety for everyone in the whole family for every situation you may need. I love seeing what they have in stock. Shopping online is so much easier when you have a kid like mine. She can browse the whole store without the painstaking process of going anywhere.

My daughter saw a backpack on their site and fell in love with it! It's cool looking and matches her taste perfectly AND offers everything she is looking for in a backpack. It has pockets, zippers, and adjustable straps. She's the universal wearer so that's definitely important. 

She got the Sprayground Army Lips Backpack that features a light camp print with lips and a smoking bullet. She loves the graffiti style image on the bag and the texture inside and out. It's smooth on the outside so the image won't peel off. That was an important factor for the bag choice. 

The full list of features include:

Front zipper pocket
Side pockets
Zippered stash pocket
Ergonomic mesh back padding
Adjustable straps for custom sizing
Nylon zippers with metal hardware
15" velour laptop compartment
Separate Velour sunglass compartment
Mesh organizer pocket

This bag is high fashion and functionality. It has several deep pockets to fit everything you need conveniently in one place. The pockets make for easy organization too. I love the look of the box logos on both sides.

All of the labels are protected by a film to keep them safe during shipping.

The wearability of this bag is awesome. 

Over the shoulder
Over 2 shoulders
On luggage (zippered section doubles as an extra pocket)
Top-Handle (for toting or hanging)

The straps and handle on the Sprayground bag are sturdy and can handle regular use. My daughter is in middle school and has books and a laptop to carry with her everywhere she goes. She has plenty of room to hold everything she needs with her all the time. 

The pockets are perfect for a daily user or for a travel bag.

This is a universal bag for all user types.

Daily user- 

This is a great bag choice for an everyday user. Everything for school fits right inside. Laptop, notebooks, writing instruments and even pockets for the necessities like calculator, ruler, erasers, earbuds, chargers, drinks, and more. 

If you are looking for a great deal check out this awesome 

You can find this bag and so many others on

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  1. These sound so nice. Both of my grandchildren need back packs. I will check these out. Thank you so much for sharing

  2. This sounds like a great place to buy backpacks, I love how many they have to choose from! And what a great deal, thanks for sharing!