Don't Forget Your Lunch! FitJoy Makes All The Diffference

Do you ever look for great snacks, that taste great, and won't weigh you down? I do. I work a lot! I am a full-time waitress and I work full time on I am ALWAYS working. We all know what a heavy snack does. Heavy snack = awesome nap. I don't have time in my schedule to be weighted down by anything but progress. I need energy, productive snacks, and of course, good tasting snacks. I don't have time to waste eating bad snacks. That means I have to spend more time (that I already don't have) looking for a better snack. That might sound extreme but it really is my everyday life.

When I had the opportunity to try grain-free pretzels from Fitjoy I was so excited. These are like freedom treats! They are free of all of the stuff we try to avoid for a better, healthier diet and ultimately a healthier us.


When I was offered these awesome snacks, I thought they were only pretzels. I had no idea that they have so many awesome snacks to choose from. Fitjoy has everything that is amazing and has made it so we can all enjoy it.

So, at our house, we always have snacks on hand. We are always on the go. Grab and go snacks are easy to get us through in between meals. Not just in between meals but on a snacky kind of day, these are a guilt-free along with all of the other great stuff!!

The real taste...

My kids can't tell the difference between these and the ones we usually get! That is AMAZING. I have to sneak up good stuff on them sometimes. I have even gone as far as unwrapping their snacks and brought them in a bowl or in a baggie so they don't know what brand they are getting. I am all about my kids knowing what they are eating but I don't want them to see a healthy wrapper and pre-judge. I have burned them out on cardboard tasting snacks- HAHAHAHA

My husband is all about eating healthy and having better snack options. He has food limitations due to health issues and we have to be careful with his snacks. This is something he can have without concern. 0 saturated fat and 0 trans fat 0 cholesterol and only 1 sugar!!!! AND it tastes good. How does that even happen? Snack magic that's how!!

It's so easy to have these just the way they are or add them to a party mix and entertain with.

1 bag of Fitjoy Himalayan Sea Salt Pretzels
4 cups of dry cereal
1/2 cup of chocolate chips
1/2 cup of white chocolate chips
1/2 nuts

stir together in a big serving bowl and you have a party mix. You can add just about anything in there to make it a family favorite. Instead of chocolate chips use dehydrated fruits. This is so awesome!

If you are looking for a great treat for the whole family or even your co-workers, Fitjoy Himalayan Sea Salt Pretzels are a great idea!!

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I received this product for free as a gift to facilitate this review. If you have any questions please feel free to email me directly. 

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  1. Fit Joy pretzels sound delicious! I love that they are both dairy and gluten free, as well as so many others! This is perfect for people with allergies or just those that want to eat healthier. Thank you so much for sharing!