Finding The Perfect Supplements For Our Pets and Their Needs Is Easy

Have you thought of how to help your dog have healthier skin and coat? We have tried several soaps and conditioners for our baby Cookie but it seems like nothing helps for longer than a few days. After some easy research online, we found that Krill Oil is amazing for dogs skin and fur. So the best method for dosing? Meaty treats, of course!!

We had the opportunity to work with K9 Pro for a review of their Krill MAX Fish Oil for Dogs. I was so happy because that is a way that we can work on her poor dry skin from the inside out. This blend has more than just Krill Oil. It includes 180mg EPA, 120mg DHA Omega 3 For Dogs Plus Astaxanthin, Phospholipids, and Choline.

This is a great blend for all dogs. I did more research when I saw the ingredients list and realized this will be great for our other guys too, especially our old man Jacky.

Thanks to Google, it was easy to find out why these are all such amazing ingredients.

Astaxanthin is a great helper in fighting to age and even defense against cancers. It helps with several issues including:

Dry Eye And Retina Health
Joint Health
Heart Disease
Brain Function
cancer prevention
Immune System Health


Helps to maintain healthy cholesterol
Acts as an antioxidant in lipids
Supports exercise tolerance
Supports coronary and peripheral circulation

Choline helps with age-related problems, including fatigue, poor coat, constipation, inappropriate urination, poor appetite, and poor mental performance.

The Krill Oil supplements for dogs is so easy to give in doses too. There is a chart right on the container that has dosing recommendation for beginners and maintaining the levels. It even has the dose for weight too. I personally like the dose by weight method instead of seeing a small, medium, and large dog size.

If you are looking for an awesome supplement for all dogs, sizes, and breeds to help with general health and immunity support, including bone and joint support, Krill MAX Fish Oil for Dogs is an affordable and easy to use option.


  1. Thank you for this great information. I dog is really getting old and I worry about her health. I will be trying these products with her

  2. This is such an informative post, thank you so much for sharing! I didn't realize that you could buy supplements for your dog as well.