How to Get Gifts Right - at Every Stage of Your Relationship

There are lots of ways you can demonstrate love and commitment to your partner, aren’t there? 

Remembering to be thoughtful, listening actively to what they tell you, putting their needs ahead of your own too - at times. But a gift can be a lasting symbol of how much you care about, and for, them - and something they’ll always treasure As long as you get it right...

So how do you do that?

The most important thing to remember is that it should be suitable for the stage of the relationship you’re at. So, if you’ve only been dating for a really short time, there’s no need to go completely over the top! In fact, that can be quite counterproductive and might even be a big red flag to some people.

The core components we mentioned at the start also play a huge role in successful gift choosing.

  • Think
  • Listen
  • Prioritize .your partner

When you first start dating

Just take things slowly at the beginning - while you’re finding out more about each other’s likes and dislikes.

Small tokens are great at this stage - a bunch of flowers is a lovely idea - for or from either partner. It’s 2019 after all! Just keep the bunch fairly small and relaxed - even design your own if you’re creative.

Perhaps one of you is cooking dinner for the other - which is in itself a lovely present. Take a nice bottle of wine along with you - if it reflects the other person’s tastes all the better! Or perhaps reference somewhere they’ve told you they’ been on vacation, as an idea. These all show you’ve listened to what they’ve told you. And that you want to make them happy.

As the dates continue

As the weeks and dates continue, other small gifts can be really special -.with the same ideas behind them. A nice pen, perhaps, if your new partner has said they use and lose the disposable ones. That would be a really thoughtful little gift.

Little touches like a surprise booking at their favorite restaurant - or one they’ve mentioned they’d always like to go to. Or tickets to see a band, you’ve heard them talk about. ”All spot on - and great options. Maybe book a surprise weekend trip, after a few months, or a small piece of jewelry. or fragrance. The same rules apply to all your choices.

Try to plan something the other has mentioned they like that maybe hasn't always been your thing. Go to see the football, watch a romcom, visit an exhibition - whatever it is it will show your commitment. And that you prioritize them, which is important.

Consider something more unusual

Sometimes you are going to draw a blank. Even when you’ve been with your partner for some time. That’s why the best gifts are often the ones that are simple and romantic, especially reminders of your relationship together.

You might want to look into experiences as gifts – special events they might be interested in perhaps. Or classes that you can attend together - you’ll remember them fondly for years to come

6 months to a year

Ok so now you're at a more serious stage - particularly if you’ve been seeing each other regularly. And you'll know when the time's right to make a bolder symbol or statement about your relationship.

Perhaps this is the moment for a promise or eternity ring - or, if you’re both sure your future is together, something more.

Engagement will never go out of fashion in our eyes - it’s a lovely way to demonstrate strong commitment. Engagement rings that boast magnificent design are a great choice - just remember to factor in your partner's preferences.

Marriage or long term commitment

Throughout your marriage, you should always try to maintain the same level of consideration for each other. And, as you’ll know each other really well now, you’ll have a good idea of each other's gift preferences.

Never let yourselves slide into thoughtless present buying, if you can help it - or forget any key dates and anniversaries. Including Valentine’s Day and your partner’s birthday - of course.

Perhaps you could use a traditional or modern guide to anniversary gift buying - based on yearly themes (silver, gold, paper etc). At the very least, it gives you a good starting, or reference point to work from

As a couple, these kinds of symbols can be so important in helping to cement your future happiness together. So never forget to tell and show each other how important your commitment is...with a great gift.

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  1. I am terrible about thinkinging of the perfect gift. I need all the help I can get.