Protect Your Home While You’re Away on Vacation

It may be back to school time right about now, but there are likely to be plenty of you who are planning your next trip or weekend away. And no matter how far from home you are going, or how long for, the steps to protect your home when you are away on travel, are the same. Protecting your home when you are away on vacation should be thought of as just as important as protecting the items that you bring with you. So here is a quick guide to help you to keep your home as safe as possible.

Get a home monitoring system

Home security is something that is essential all of the time, but especially when you are away and people aren’t going to be coming in and out of the home for a while. The good news is that there are several options to choose from when it comes to home security, so there is likely to be one that fits your home and suits your home. These days, you can also view who is at your door remotely, for example, and even communicate through it, so it can seem like you are home. It can give you such peace of mind.

Security Gate

Some of us will have porches, but we are all going to have a front door. But you can add an extra layer of security to your home, using gates for security. If you have a gate to get onto your driveway, or a gate to get through the front door, then it is another layer that can be locked, and another way to keep your home more secure. So why not have a look at the sites that sell residential and commercial gates online and see what might work for you? There is no need to spend a fortune, but an extra layer of security is a good idea.

Keep up on regular home maintenance

In summer it can be worse, as it really becomes obvious that you haven’t been at home for two weeks when the grass in your yard has grow really tall, making it obvious to a would-be intruder. So do you normally have gardeners come in or visits from a pool guy? If you do, then keep up with them, even if you won’t be in. Then things will look as normal to someone stalking the house.

Leave a key with a friend or family member

It is always a good idea to have extra help, and giving a trusted friend or family member a key is really important. It could be to get in if there is a problem like a power cut or a gas leak, or could be for them to bring in any parcel or mail, so they don’t gather up on the door step. In winter, and if you live somewhere with snow, their footprints in and out will make it look like someone is living there, rather than just untouched snow. They might just need to water the plants or feed the cat, but getting help is a great idea.

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  1. Great ideas, our grass grows so fast we need to hire someone to cut it when we are away.