Youth Sport's Probably Changed Since You Were Involved In It!

Nowadays, increasing numbers of parents are growing concerned that their kids aren’t as active as they should be. While we would’ve been out playing football, soccer, or other sports, we’re noticing our own kids seem to be sat about more - playing video games or chatting on their smartphones. This is, of course, going to make use question why our kids aren’t as into sport as our generation might have been and whether it’s something that we should be pushing them to engage with.

The truth is that kids aren’t necessarily losing interest in sports altogether. The infographic by Cisco Athletic below shows documented changes in general trends in the field of youth sports. Rather than kids just not engaging with sports anymore, we can see that they’re just opting for different types of sports. While soccer and football do remain popular, fewer kids are engaging with them than usual and more are opting for alternative fitness, like gymnastics, lacrosse, or track and field activities.

If you’re worried that your kids just aren’t being active enough, take a look at current trends and get some ideas for alternative suggestions. You might trigger a new passion or interest for them that keeps them fit and healthy at the same time!

Just remember to keep a note of other statistics. Many kids prefer less high-energy sport, but should still engage with them from time to time - they just might need a little more encouragement in that direction.

Infographic Design By Cisco Athletic


  1. One thing that has changed since my school days is more women and girls enjoying sports. Just look at the Women's Soccer team!!!

  2. This is very interesting, thanks for sharing! It makes me happy that more kids are getting involved in sports, it is such a great way to stay active and focused!

  3. Thanks for sharing it is nice that more kids are invoved in sports but we need to find ways for poor and inner-city youthto be able to afford to play good clean fun means less trouble from bored kids.

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