How to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

We’re all pretty good at managing the interior of our home, but it’s always important to keep in mind that your property is about more than just what happens inside the four walls. You’ve also got an exterior part of the house, both in the front and back. While it’s worthwhile making sure that both spaces are up to scratch, in this blog we’re going to think about the front of your property. Improving your home’s appeal isn’t just easy; it also brings with it plenty of advantages. It’ll make you happier to return home, for starts, and it may also give your property’s valuation a nudge in the right direction.

But how should you improve this aspect of your property? We take a look at a few options below.

Add Some Life

Don’t settle for just having a concrete path up to your home. Put some life into your property by adding plants and a hedge to your front yard. They’ll make the property look much nicer, and if you fill out the space, then you’ll also have more privacy when you’re in the home, too. If you don’t have too much time to spend gardening, then focus on adding easy to manage plants, such as plants that are native to your local area. A hanging basket over your front door also looks great, too.

Door Upgrades

And talking of your front door, is it time for an upgrade? It’s an often overlooked aspect of any property, but the right door can make a home pop. You can upgrade in multiple ways. You can change out the door entirely, and make it more aesthetically pleasing or practical (such as doors that retain heat), or you can give it a lick of paint. You’ll be surprised by just how much of a difference a door can make.

Window Options

Like front doors, a property’s windows are also often overlooked. Indeed, some people never think to update or change their windows, even though there are plenty of advantages to doing so. They’ll be more energy efficient if they’re new, for starts, but they can also make your home look much better, too. If the actual window is relatively new, then you could look at changing the sash, or frame. You can find a few options at this website. But don’t necessarily discount the idea of changing out the glass -- windows become hazy over time, and a brand new, clear window can really make a big difference.

Deep Cleaning

Like anywhere else, your front yard is going to need managing in order to keep it clean and tidy. Over time, it’s going to attract dirt. If it’s been some time since you’ve done anything with your front yard, look at buying or borrowing a power wash, and give it a deep clean -- you might be amazed at the results. There’s a lot of value in spending some time de-weeding your yard too. You want life there, but not that kind of life!


  1. Very good ideas, thank you so much for sharing! It can make a huge difference when you do these little things to the front of your home.

  2. Curb appeal definitely matters if you want to sell your home. If the outside is run down, you just doubt the sellers have really kept anything maintained, you know.

  3. These are great ideas. I really like the windows option option.