How To Revive An Old Community Center

Community centers bring families and neighborhoods together, and society really thrives when there’s a focal point where people can gather. Unfortunately, this luxury is not available to every community around the country and many buildings have fallen into disrepair, becoming an eye-sore that people would rather avoid than spend time in. The benefits of having a community center in your neighborhood are clear and go much further than providing a meeting space for locals to rent and use. The space can be used to keep a community fit and healthy with fitness classes being a popular activity hosted here. It can also keep the younger generation out of trouble and of the streets where it’s not always safe.

If you have an old building that is dying for some much needed TLC, then it’s time to bring your community together. Host bake sales and fundraising events or approach your local council to see if there is any funding available for the project, not only will the finished product bring everyone together, but the journey along the way will do that too. When you’ve got the financial back behind you, it’s time to make a plan of action to make you community center dreams become a reality.

Replace Any Old Fixtures and Fittings

There’ll be plenty of fixtures and fittings that will need replacing in order to get the building back to looking its best, however, don’t go too overboard in this area and remember to hold onto any historical features that may be present. The character of the building will draw people in, and it’s great to be able to tell a story about the building’s past. Windows may need to be updated, and all electrics will need to be checked for safety before you open the doors to the public. Search for "home repair near me" and hire a handyman that can assist you with these tasks.

Ensure the Facilities Are in Working Order

Bathroom and kitchen facilities will need to be in working order for large groups of the community to use while they’re there, you may need to consider installing new larger areas for this if you’re neighborhood has expanded over the years. Consider the appliances that will be most useful in the kitchen before purchasing anything new, a large commercial dishwasher would be appropriate for any culinary events that take place and a lot of worktop space will be needed for food preparation.

Purchase a New Sign

One way to get your community’s attention and excitement for when the new center is opened is to hang a brand new sign above the door. You could even hold a design competition beforehand to get everyone involved before the big reveal, the material of your sign will have to be weather resistant so it can stay looking tidy for longer. Research traditional sign writers in the area who could create the design for you, it’s wonderful if you can boost employment in your local area throughout the renovation process.

Create A Dedicated Online Area

You’ll want to make sure all your hard work pays off, and the community center is used to its full potential, the way to do this is to spread the word about events and classes being held there online and create a group online where people can discuss and ask questions. You don’t have to spend money on creating a professional website, a community center Facebook group will suffice. Find the individuals who will want to be most involved and set them as the administrators for the group. They’ll need to keep on top of the administrative tasks and observe the conversations that are taking place. You’ll want everyone to stay focused on the community center topics and leave other areas of discussion elsewhere.

When the project is nearing completion, and work tools are being packed away, you can organize an opening event for the community to come and enjoy. It might be a good idea to host a tour of the building and present a welcome speech including the intentions of the space, explain how you hope people will get involved and cover the basic opening times and rules. The key is to make everyone feel welcome and give them an understanding that this space is for everyone to use and come together, providing a wonderful space for family, friends, and neighbors. Provide nibbles and drinks for all ages and perhaps add a little background music as well.


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