The Kinds Of Pain You Really Shouldn't Ignore

Of course, any kind of pain that you might experience in life is going to be an indicator that something is wrong. As such, a pain is never something that you should simply ignore. But at the same time, we all know that there are more common and frequent pains which are not quite as serious as others, and these are worth separating from the more severe or worrying ones, those troublesome pains which are much more likely to indicate that something is really very wrong indeed. It is indeed important to be able to distinguish one kind from another, and one of the best ways to help you do that is to understand what kinds of pains should be paid attention to, no matter what. In this post, we will look at a few such pains, so that you can be sure that you know which pains you should attend to as soon as possible.

Chest Pain

If you have ever had chest pain, you will know that it can be a particularly worrying kind of pain to have. This is especially true if you have had any heart problems in the past, or if you happen to know that your family has a history of such problems, especially if someone you know before you died of such an ailment. Chest pains are therefore something you should not ignore, especially if you have them routinely or you find that they are persistent. If you have a chest pain which is accompanied by other serious signs such as shortness of breath or a pounding heart, or pain down one arm, then you should go to the emergency room immediately. Otherwise, just go and see your doctor as soon as you possibly can.

All being well, it won’t be due to a worrying underlying cause, and you can just have an intercostal nerve block done to help with the pain. But if you have caught something serious early on, then you are much more likely to be able to deal with it and even survive it well, so this is something that you should definitely think about as best as you can. If you do ever have chest pain, chances are that it will frighten you into wanting to have it looked at, so that is something that you should pay attention to. Sometimes your instinct knows exactly what you need to do, and this is one of those times when listening to your instinct is definitely the way to go.

Liver Pain

Have you ever had a long night of drinking and then woken up the next day with a pain in your side? Chances are, that is your liver screaming out for attention, and when that happens you should give it the love it needs and deserves. Bear in mind that it is extremely unlikely that you have actually damaged it beyond repair. The liver is very good at repairing itself - that is exactly what it is for - so you probably just need to lay off the drink for a while so it can do its thing. But you do need to do that, and you should not merely laugh it off as we are often so likely to do with such a pain.

Of course, if your liver pain does not subside, then that is a very serious problem indeed, and you need to go and get it checked out. In the worst case scenario, you might find that you have liver disease or a similar ailment, which is something that you are going to need to have looked at as soon as possible to try and fix it. Hopefully, however, it will be something easily fixable and you won’t need to worry about it too much. But in any case, do make sure that you have your liver checked out if you feel you really need to.

Tummy Pains

Pains in the abdomen are concerning simply for the fact that they can indicate so many different kinds of problems, some serious and some relatively benign. Because it is so hard to tell what the pain could indicate, you need to be vigilant if you have such a pain, especially if it does persist for longer than you would think is healthy. Among some of the problems it could be are, at the more serious end: bowel cancer, ruptures, ulcers and more. Or, if you are lucky, it might just be an upset stomach or something similar. In the middle, you could be talking about hemorrhoids or something of that sort.

There is also the difficulty of the fact that other pains in the same area may feel similar. If you have a biologically female body, you might find that you have pains in the same area which actually turn out to be the ovaries or womb. Because of this very confusion, it is always best to have those pains looked at, so that your doctor can at least determine where the pain is really coming from. That is something that can help you in itself, just by keeping your worries at bay.


A headache might not seem like something you should worry about. After all, they happen all the time, and they are so normal that you might even find it strange to consider finding it worrying. But the truth is that a persistent headache can be a very worrying thing, and if you have a lot of migraines or headaches over a short period of time, it could be a sign of something very wrong indeed. The best thing to do is to go and see the doctor if you feel that your headache has carried on for too long, just so that you can make sure. It is always better safe than sorry - and at least they will be able to administer you with some drugs to help with the pain.

Pay attention to these pains, and you will be helping to look after yourself much more easily.


  1. Good tips. My oldest son is in a Health Care Academy. He totally points out when we're not doing something healthy.

  2. This is a very good point, thank you so much for sharing! A lot of us avoid going to the doctor and just blow every symptom off thinking it's only temporary and you'll get over it. It is so important to know your body and never ignore these things!

  3. This is such a great article. We all have pain at some time in our lives and it is impossible to figure out why. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. These are all so true. Any of these means your body is trying to tell you something!