Spooky Halloween Themed Plushies From Moosh Moosh

Who loves a snuggle? We all do! That's why we all love Moosh Moosh Plushies so much! They have some of the cutes little plush characters and that are cute, cuddly, and fun! They have something for everyone! Plushies, Sequins, Flashlights, Slipperz, and Spooky creatures. We just got a bunch of their products and I can't wait to show you!

  I'm excited about all of these and don't want to leave anything out. 


I love their new line of Spooky Halloween themed plushies. I love everything Moosh Moosh does! These are just so cute and squishy! How fitting, I received Cassie and Boo which is one of the most common 2-word conversations in our house. She is always sneaking up on me screaming BOO and I am always screaming Cassie right after. 

Cassie is a black bat with purple on its ears and eyes. 
Boo is a white ghost with candy corn decoration and a plaid black and orange bowtie.

Plush Bank

This is awesome and I was surprised with this being in our awesome delivery. I didn't even know that this was a thing! It's a dragon named Drac (series 1) that makes sounds. I love it, it's a little stash bank.


When I saw that Moosh Moosh was coming out with a plush flashlight I was so excited. When I was little, I had a glow-worm. I brought this thing with me everywhere, day or night. I sucked my thumb and rubbed his cheek to go to sleep. It was a great companion for me because I was afraid of the dark and it made me feel better about being in my own space or at a sleepover. This is such a great idea. 

The super-soft donut cat, Freckles (series 2), has a cool built-in flashlight right in her forehead. It's a comfort for little ones that don't like to be in the dark but also cool. No negativity here!! 

Soft Plush Buddy 

The plush soft Plush Buddies are a hot item in our house. Everyone wants to lay on them all of the time. Movies are so much better with snuggle buddies. 

Blossom the caticorn (series 3) is a mint green unicorn kitty. Her light green and pink accents are adorable. 


These are new to me too! The Squared² plush buddy is a bigger sized square. It looks like a cube. We have Connie, a light purple/lavender colored squishy with a dog-themed print on her top and sides. She is so sweet and snuggly!

Plushy Skwishy

Squishies took the world by storm. All of our kids love them. Do you remember the foam mad ball guys from the late '80s? That was my first thought but these guys are so much cuter and so much softer! We received Handi Andi, Rainbow Swirl, and Corey. 

Handi Andi (series 1) is a pink octopus with purple stars.  
Rainbow Swirl (series 1) is a white unicorn with purple silky ears and a pink mane. 
Corey (series 2)is a puppy with light brown and white markings. 

Which one is your favorite? I can't pick, I love them all!! 

Get your Moosh Moosh Plushies online or in-store. 

I received this awesome group of Moosh Moosh Plushies as a gift for free to facilitate this review. If you have any questions please feel free to email me directly.
Amy Groves- [email protected] 

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