Renovation‌ ‌Innovation‌ ‌-‌ ‌5‌ ‌Life-Changing‌ ‌ Upgrades‌ ‌To‌ ‌Include‌ ‌On‌ ‌Your‌ ‌ Renovation‌ ‌Checklist‌

Renovating is one of those huge tasks that is both exciting and incredibly stressful at the same time. The process is laborious, but the results can be positively impactful, especially if you choose your home improvements very carefully. Here are five life-changing upgrades to include on your renovation checklist:

Choose Smart Technology For A Future-Proof Home

Smart home technology is suspected to be growing towards a value of in excess of $50 billion dollars within the next few years. If you truly want to transform your home, it could be worth investing in cleverly integrated tech like smart door locks and remote appliance controls. Sometimes the biggest home transformations rely on exceptional function, over beautiful aesthetic.

Stake Your Claim In Nature

In a study in the UK, participants in a study spending some time outside for 30 consecutive days reported a 30% increase in excellent levels of health. The issue is, most of us don't always manage to get 'in' nature because we may not find the time to 'get to nature'. Newsflash - you've already got your own stake in nature in your own backyard. No need to hike the local hills, or get involved in forest bathing. For complete investment in the health of your family, renovate your garden to provide a heavenly natural sanctuary for you all to spend time in. A new patio, decking, wildflower garden - whatever makes you get outside makes sense to invest in.

Let There Be Light

Swedish minimalism is a decor style based on simplistic living, with beautiful natural materials, muted neutral tones and a distinct lack of clutter. This style of living also lends itself to the use of natural light in the home as in Scandinavian countries, they experience as much as 20 hours of complete darkness a day in the winter months, so any natural light let in the home is to be treasured. To stave off low moods and flood your house with natural golden light, perhaps bifold doors, floor to ceiling windows and roof lights could be a savvy investment.

Open Plan For Hygge

Hygge is pronounced 'hoo-gah' and is the Swedish concept of creating moments of contentment. Open plan living is thought to help the household gain more 'hoo-gah' because there is an emphasis on being social. Opening your living space up and creating cozy corners with blankets, and deliciously comfortable seating areas that draw guests in for a chat and a hot chocolate will help your family collect more of those Hygge special moments.

De-stress With A Spa Bathroom

Nearly 50% of Americans have reported an increase in stress over the last 5 years. As a global community, we are stressed with politics, family life, careers, financial worries and the crushing pressure of social media, which lets us all know how rubbish our lives are in comparison with the world seemingly #livingmybestlife. Working on your stress levels at home is important as it is somewhere you can unwind to hopefully regroup your thoughts in preparation for whatever life throws at you tomorrow or the next day. A spa bathroom is an excellent renovation option if you love to unwind in the bath or shower. Rainforest showerheads, saunas, jacuzzi baths and even heated stone shower seating would be a serious investment in your property and your mental health.

Renovating needs to result in a true home improvement to ensure it is worth the stress, time and financial commitment. Think creatively about the changes you want to make to your home, reaching far beyond the aesthetic and instead, shooting high for those far-reaching life-changing switches that truly improve your family's quality of life.


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