Walmart and Redbox Have The Perfect Combination For The Holidays!

Just in time for the holidays, for a limited time only, Walmart is offering five free rentals from their local Redbox with the in-store purchase of an ONN DVD player that only cost $19.96, available on November 1st.  It's a great deal for planning their next viewing party. 

What are your holiday plans? Usually, we all go to our family's and spend time since the kids have so much time off school over the next few months. Since our kids are getting older and have plans of their own for most of their time off, our plan is the breakout the DVD player and rent movies. There are so many new movies at Redbox so no matter who shows, we will have just the right titles!

Walmart and Redbox teamed up for an amazing promotion to celebrate for sure. When you purchase the Onn DVD player you automatically receive 5 free Redbox movie rentals. That's like getting one or the other for free, what a crazy deal!

With our current service provider, we can only get 3 Pay Per View or Demand movies for $20. Just by getting the DVD Player, we are saving money and we'll have a DVD player. I love finding great deals that have me saving more than I am spending and getting free stuff to go with it.

This is an in-store deal and the promotion is happening at all of the Walmarts in the U.S..

So to set up any night we have a few things that are definite must-haves.

#1- DVD player

#2 Great movies

#3 Holiday decorations

#4 Snacks and snacks and snacks!!

Securing #1

Walmart has a full stock of the Onn DVD players. Every Walmart in the U.S. is participating in this promotion so you don't have to worry about missing out on it.

Preparing for #2

Redbox is so easy to use!

I have been planning this out for a while! I have been waiting to see what comes out and what's already in stock. There are so many awesome movies at Redbox. You can check online and even reserve movies at the Redbox you plan to stop at.

Prepping for the party (3)!

It's so easy to throw together some themed decorations and even grab a few candles to set the mood completely. Walmart has a huge selection of decor.

All those Snackity Snack Snacks- #4!!

Again, Walmart! This is awesome guys. Everything you need for the perfect night without having to hunt for more than one parking spot or fighting downtown traffic to get to the movies. Bring the movies and all of the snacks like popcorn, nachos, drinks, pizza, snowcaps, Sweedish fish, milk duds, and everything else the taste buds desire.

Who's with me!!


  1. This is a fantastic deal. I am sure they will be sold out.

  2. My niece needs to look into getting this. She and family live out in the country no cable so they either rent a lot/buy movies