Chrissy's Knee High Socks- Adorable, Affordable, Knee High Socks For Christmas

It's here!!! Christmas Shopping Season!! Yes, I feel like this is a season all it's own. There are SO MANY awesome traditions to do this time of year. I do have a question though.

What is one thing that you are known for gifting? Do you get something of the same category every year? Maybe not the same exact thing but kind of the same thing? I am a sucker for holiday socks. Every year, girls and boys, young and old, they get Christmas socks from me. There are several other little things like that that I do but holiday-themed socks are a must!

Check out Chrissy's Knee High Socks for the perfect fashion accessories (knee-high socks).

Aren't these so cute?! 

One of my other signature moves is the Christmas jammies. Yes, I am that corny mom that loves family holiday-themed pajamas. Not matching p.j.s but holiday jammers! There is a difference! I don't get the whole family the same pair of jammies, I get them all Christmas themed jammies. I love it! There is nothing like cozy jammies, Christmas Socks, and yumity-yum yum hot chocolate! Yes! I cannot wait!

Do you have a favorite style of Christmas socks? Stripes, pictures, patterns, or solid colors? I swiped a few images from Chrissy's Knee High Socks website to show you just a few of the Christmas socks they're offering this year.

They have colors and designs that will go with just about any festive theme. The ones pictured above are just a few of the designs they have.

When are socks a great gift idea?

So, leave it to me to think of why socks make a great gift and who you can give them to. I put together a little list of appropriate sock gifting occasions :)


I have been giving my kids holiday-themed socks their whole lives, I just love them as festive accessories. Themed socks don't have to match your clothes either. You can wear a dress or skirt and wear some cute knee socks and it will be a statement.

Office/Co-Worker Gift

If you don't know what to get our co-worker, get them Christmas socks. The great part about it is you can stick to the gift price cap when you get a few cute pairs. These are perfect for the person in the cubical/station/department next to you or your boss. We all have one thing in common, feet!

Stocking stuffers

It doesn't matter who you are stuffing stockings for, these are a great filler option. They are festive and so cute!

Affordable For Everyone's Budget

Chrissy's Knee High Socks offers so many great options for the whole family to wear. Men, Women, and kids can all enjoy these cute knee socks.  Not only are they a perfect fit for everyone on the shopping list, but they are also super affordable. You are going to be shocked when I say- $7.99-$9.99 per pair!! That is a steal!

Extremely Shopper Friendly!

I love the easy navigation on their site. There are several filters on the left of the screen that will help you narrow down your search for the perfect pair. You can search through occasions, colors, styles, and more.

They have a few different styles too. You can choose from knee high socks, thigh high socks, and tube socks. I love the thigh-high socks. I have over the knee boots that they would go perfectly with.

One last thing before you take off to search their site. They have customizable socks!! Do you have a favorite color in mind that you don't see on their website? You can pick and choose exactly what you want your socks to look like! You can have lettering or colors to make those socks the perfect pair.

Check out Chrissy's Knee High Socks on their website and social media for any upcoming news, events, deals, and product reviews. I think you will love the options they have to offer.

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