Colorfully Organize Your Life With Jumbo Colored Masking Tape

Do you consider yourself to be an organized person? Do you have a place for everything, and everything in its place?

In my head, I am one of those people. Turns out I just know where everything is amongst the clutter. I recently had the opportunity to work with a colored masking tape brand and wanted to put all of my cool storage bins to use. It is SO easy to use this tape as a label because it comes right off and I can relabel.

This is what I mean:

I have a 6 drawered storage shelf that I use for all of my blogging photo props. It was originally kept beautifully. Over time, it turned into a 6 drawered catch all but I couldn't see in it so it didn't matter. LOL

When that was full, I got a 3 drawered storage shelf to manage the misc items overflow. That has turned into a calamity Jane station. Then, to top it all off I got a really big under the bed rolling tote for the stuff that won't fit in the drawers.

Ok, to sum it all up, I have essentially 10 drawers of blogging stuff that has no organization and Every time I need something like a backdrop, prop, or letter board, I temporarily lose my mind sifting the drawers or chaos until I find it.

If you can't imagine what that's like, think of every US holiday having themed decorations and having them crammed in 3 storage containers, sorted into 10 drawers without any sort of grouping pattern. Add to that party themes like birthday, wedding, anniversary, baby showers for girls and boys, and a BUNCH of random crafting supplies to customize all of the previously named.

So for me, that's the ugly side of blogging. I might seem like I have is all together but I'm about one prop away from needing another set drawers and to be honest, I don't have room in my house for it.

I was so excited to get this tape because of its quality and the things I can do with it.

Wrap/roll my backdrops, tape around them for a dual purpose, write which one it is on the label so I don't have to unfold it to see and keep it neater in the drawer.

Bundle together all of my fake flowers so they aren't scattered between 3 rooms.

Bag and label all of the tiny things like beads, buttons, gravel (yes, I have different colored gravel for props), and so much more!!

On top of the fact that I can sort the contents of my disaster zone, I can label the outside of the drawers so I don't have to dig in each one of them to find the one thing I'm looking for.

I love the quality of this tape. No matter what I stick it to, it doesn't leave a sticky residue to the item and the colors don't bleed onto the item(s) that are taped.

The colors are so bright they are perfect for crafting, labeling, and so much more. I even brought it to work with me! No more question of what goes in each bin. It may seem super simple to get the idea of it since there is four slots and four items to go in it but some of the servers don't get the concept. This makes everyone's job SO MUCH easier!!

The set I got has 6 colors of jumbo-sized rolls. You can find it on Amazon.

I received this product for free to facilitate this review. If you have any questions please feel free to email me directly.
Amy Groves- [email protected]

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