Flexible Jobs That Are Perfect For Moms

There is something that we can all agree on; we’re not going to say no to some extra cash. Having a second job or a side hustle to do from home is not something that is new. But having an extra source of income is something that can be much needed for many families. It could be to pay for vacations or simply your bills. You might be a mom that wants to get back into work but not do it full time, so something flexible is a great idea. So to make this kind of thing easier, and getting into a career that does offer flexibility, is something that can really make a difference. So with that in mind here are some flexible jobs for moms, that will pay pretty well, but have the flexibility of working part-time or working the hours that you want.

Realtor or appraiser

Real estate agents are able to set their own schedule, and many will need to work some evenings and weekends, in order to show clients new homes. And if you have a partner that will be home at those times, it makes it something that is really achievable. You get to make big deals with people selling their homes, and if you’re not too sure what an appraiser does, then it is all about determining the value of a property based on what has gone on and sold recently. You’ll need to be registered, but it is something that is flexible and can be pretty lucrative.


Before you became a mom, if you had a career in a corporate environment, then you might want to get back into it as you did before. But without some flexibility, then it can be impossible. Consulting is something that you could do instead, if you wanted to get back into your chosen field. For example, if you worked in healthcare before, then you could look into healthcare consulting which is going into a healthcare environment to design and put into place some strategies to help them to create some value, to help them achieve business growth, and to have a competitive edge.

Virtual assistant

Because of the online world and the rise of people making an income solely online and running businesses online, then there is a rise in people looking for virtual assistants. If you are someone who knows their way around a computer and has some great organizational skills, and knows about social media and scheduling posts, then you could do some work as a virtual assistant. You could organize travel for someone, do some admin, send emails, edit photos, and do some social media posts.

Hairdresser or makeup artist

If you want to have a role that can be done when you set your own schedule, then you could look into doing things like hairdressing or makeup artistry. You can even have people come to you if you’ve got little ones, rather than be mobile going to someone else. The flexibility is great and you can also set your prices.

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