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Have you ever considered remodeling your bathroom? It can be the most relaxing and elegant room in the whole house. A place of peace and restoration. It's the first place you visit in the morning and usually the last stop on the way to bed. If you are anything like me, at least once or twice throughout the night too!  If you are really lucky, you can spend an hour or two in a wonderfully tranquil soak, somewhere in between.

We recently had the opportunity to work with an amazing seller DEALIGHTING, on Amazon. We got the  24x36 LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror. I absolutely love this mirror! My mom is renovating her entire bathroom from the floor up, and she is having it installed in her bathroom, I am so excited.

When the mirror was delivered is was wrapped, tucked, and protected all the way around.

 I have to say first and foremost, the customer service is absolutely amazing. The installer had a few issues with the instructions and the desired placement of the mirror. My mom wanted the mirror above the bathroom sink but in the directions, it says NOT to have it near water. I messaged the seller and got a nearly instant replay letting me know that it was safe to have the mirror by the sink but do not have the wiring near the water. In this case, that is perfectly fine because the mirror is wired directly to the electricity, not to a plug-in outlet. 

Please keep in mind that if you have any questions about installation, they are really nice and will help in any way they can, High five to DEALIGHTING.

The original plan was to update the bathroom mirror and give the bathroom a touch of a facelift. It became a 3-week long entire bathroom renovation. Literally from the floor beams up because of an undetected water leak that had happened under the sink. It ruined the vanity so that had to be replaced. When the wall panel came out the do the wiring the inside of the wall was covered with mold. The only 1 thing that stayed in the bathroom was the bathtub.

My mom has wanted a new bathroom for years and she finally got it! New walls, new paint, new floors and flooring, new vanity and sink with a pretty faucet, and the most awesome mirror ever, the 24x36 LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror.   

Super Easy Install

The installation was pretty much to the point. It's wall-mounted so you don't have to worry about cutting the wall to fit the mirror. That is a huge relief by the way. There can be so many unfixable problems with cutting the walls. The problems we ran into were because of an undetected water leak that had been going on long enough to have caused a mold problem. That had nothing to do with the mirror install itself. Once the wall was put back together the actual mirror installation was less than an hour.

Mirror Features

  • This wall-mounted vanity mirror has so many amazing features that I didn't know could be in a regular person's house. This feels so luxury like it should be only in a high-end home or motel. Very upscale! 
  • It lights up!! This is really cool guys. This mirror lights up giving you the best lighting for every task. Hair, makeup, shaving, you name it, it's so much easier with a light. 
  • Easy peasy on/off switch. There are no hidden buttons to find, no remotes to track down, it's a simple sensor right on the front of the mirror for easy access and control. The one-button operation is a great perk. The light is dimmable to give you your perfect reflection, every time! 
  • Anti Fog- Everyone knows how awesome anti-fog mirrors are. Have you ever gotten out of the shower and the fog on the mirror was so thick it took 10 minutes and opening the window to make out your own reflection? It happens to me every day. Anti-fog means that isn't a problem anymore!!
  • IP44 waterproof. I wasn't sure what the IP44 waterproof meant so I Googled it. It means it's safe for bathrooms and can be around water. 
  • "IP44 rated are designed for use in bathrooms and other environments where water spray is a risk."

I received this product for free as a gift to facilitate this review. If you have any questions please feel free to email me directly.
Amy Groves- [email protected] 

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