hifold from mifold Knows Kids Aren't All The Same Shape And Size

What was your last experience with shopping for a booster seat like? How many times did you have to measure your kid and your car? I was so proud of myself one time and got a great deal on a car seat for my great-nephew and after it was all said and done, it wasn't compatible with her vehicle. It was that moment that I found out the car seats/booster seats aren't all build to a universal size. It was then that I realized more goes into getting a seat than just picking out the features, price, brand, etc.

I just had the opportunity to work with an outstanding brand on an amazing booster seat that I think all of you will love, I know I do!! It's called hifold. They have the coolest booster seat that I have ever seen. The hifold fit and fold booster adjusts at every point imaginable and fits in any vehicle. It even folds down small for easy storage!

When I say it adjusts in every point imaginable, how do 243 settings sound? It adjusts separately in 4 areas including, the seat width (3 settings), the body width (3 settings), the head width (3 settings) and the height (9 settings). That means that hifold not only grows with the child but also ensures optimal seatbelt fit and comfort, no matter the size or shape of the child. Considering all kids aren't a universal size and neither are the back seats of our vehicles, this is great! No matter where your child is on the percentage scale, he or she will fit perfectly. 

Seriously, this high back booster adjusts for height and width. This will be the only booster you need for your kid as she grows into a big kid. The recommendation is for children weighing 33-100 lbs, 36”-59”. In our state, 4 years old is the minimum age for a booster seat.

For our review, we got to spend some time with my best friend's grandson Benji. He LOVES the booster. He has the freedom to move but he's still strapped in. It's the best of both worlds for everyone. He feels like such a big boy in the seat.

Something I really like about this seat is the adjustment levers. All of the pieces that move to make it adjust are the aqua color. There is no staring at it for 5 minutes waiting for the right piece to jump out at you. I don't know about you but I have done that before. I had a stroller that I could not operate because I could never find the lever to make it unlock and open. it was in no way user-friendly. I could use it as far as putting my daughter in it and taking her out but I couldn't fold or unfold it without YouTubing the same unboxing video I watched before I got it.

Adjusting the hifold is to easy because the levers are all easily seen, the pieces click into locking position AND it's a one-person job. I didn't have to have extra hands to make it work.

I absolutely love it that the height grows too. The 3 sections of the booster "stretch" to make it the perfect height fit too.

If you are looking for the only Booster Seat you will ever need to buy for your growing child, the HiFold from mifold is a great fit!!

I received this product for free as a gift to facilitate this review. if you have any questions please feel free to email us directly. 

Amy Groves- [email protected]

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