So, How Are Your Lack Of Exercise Excuses Working Out For You?

So, how are your lack of exercise excuses working out for you?

Sure, your excuses may be very good ones, but if you are…

Feeling tired all of the time

Suffering from low moods and anxiety

Experiencing pain in your joints and muscles

Taking regular sick days from work

Sleeping poorly, perhaps because of stress or feelings of being unwell.

Then you need to know that these might be the consequences of your lack of exercise. You see, both your physical and your mental health will suffer if you persist with a less than healthy lifestyle, and things will only get worse if you continue to resist the lure of fitness.

However, you can turn things around. According to this article, you can start to feel the benefits after just one session, so what are you waiting for?

Well, you might be waiting because of your excuses, but how good are they in reality? Do the following relate to you?

I'm too tired to exercise

As we suggested above, you are probably feeling tired because of your lack of exercise. However, when you start to get your blood pumping with a walk, run, or some other kind of workout, you will quickly start to energize your body. You will then be less tired at work, less tired at home, and less inclined to tell those around you that your too tired to contemplate any kind of fitness activity.

I have a busy family life

Okay, so you might have children to look after and a partner to think about. However, they shouldn't form the backbone of your lack of exercise excuses. If you don't work out on a fairly regular basis, you won't be able to look after your family properly anyway. You will be too tired and possibly too ill to do all that you need to do in your efforts to care for them. Think about that the next time you make this excuse. And then think about the health needs of your family. You need to encourage them to live a healthy lifestyle, so why not include some kind of fitness activity into your family schedule. Go for a family walk or a bike ride of a weekend, or take part in some kind of active hobby together. This way, you will all benefit, and you won't be able to use your family as an excuse.

I don't know where to get started

Well, you can get started simply by getting your bum off the sofa. Take a walk around the garden. Go for a walk in the park. Or grab a friend (not literally) and go for a run together. These are simple but effective activities. But if you do need guidance, why not visit your local gym? Here, you will benefit from a personal trainer and have the opportunity to learn with others through group exercise activities. And look for fitness ideas online too, as there is much you can learn with a Google search that points you in the right direction. Of course, you know all this already, as not knowing where to get started is possibly just an excuse to stay on the sofa. Still, there is help available if you need it, so don't procrastinate forever!

So, have you related to any of these excuses? Or do you have any other excuses that steer you away from exercise? Whatever the case, deal with them. When it comes to your long and short-term health, there shouldn't be any excuses that prevent you from taking care of yourself. Think about your life today then, and do whatever you need to do to get active and improve your wellbeing. You will be glad that you did!

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