Get A Video Call From Santa With Portable North Pole

Santa only calls once a year? Nope! With the Portable North Pole app, you can create as many videos and calls as you want to help keep the magic of Santa Claus and Christmas alive, even when your kids are starting to get to the age of unbelieving friends.

When the kids were little they questioned the "Magic of Christmas" a few times but as quickly as possible we defended it and made sure there was no reasonable doubt left. Yes, we tiptoed the edge of extreme but did what we had to do to keep the magic alive - Just one more year, a few times. One year Santa even left a clipping of his beard to prove he was a real, that was an awesome touch! Santa, I admire your clever ideas!!

What about something a little more hands-on? Have you heard of Portable North Pole and the amazing products they have for Christmas? What about a personalized video call from Santa? They offer so much more than just the videos too. They have letter kits, plush toys, and more! You can really get the kids involved when Santa is speaking to them!!

Portable North Pole (PNP) is the #1 trending mobile Santa app on iOS in the USA and other main markets in 2018.

What does the video include? 

When I first heard of the Portable North Pole's videos I had to take a look and see what all they offer. It's so cool!! I immediately hopped on there and made a video for my daughter, it's so cool!! I had to share it.

You can make a free video but there are so many options to choose from when you upgrade. I am here to tell you, you want the Magic Pass! There are so many options in creating the video for the most personal experience.

Worried your kid might get ahold of your phone and spoil the surprise? PNP thought of that! As soon as the app is opened, it goes to the Kid's Corner - where they can watch their video calls from Santa. A parental code is needed to unlock the creation area to help keep the magic going.

After downloading the app and signing in (or registering) simply go to the homepage where you can create free or premium videos that cover all kinds of Christmas magic. There are even birthday videos from Santa!

Check out this awesome video for my nephew Sammy:

The customization is really simple and self-explanatory. You just fill in the name of your kid, their age, and a picture - then you can choose if they've been naughty or nice. The app is really great for reinforcing positive behavior, or pointing out the naughty things your kids may have done, to help get them back on track for the Nice list!

Now that my kids have grown up (UGH) too much to enjoy that special Christmas magic, I get to share it with my niece and nephew. They're at the special ages where everything is magic anyway, so getting a call from Santa this close to Christmas really made their day! We chose to share with Santa how good they've been, Sammy with getting his homework done and Kaya helping her mom around the house. They were so surprised to hear that Santa knew what grades they were in and what they wanted for Christmas!

Check Out Portable North Pole to preserve the magic of Christmas.

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