ABLEGRID QuietOdio 10 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Made The List

Do you have a music lover on your Christmas list? I do! Pretty much everyone in our family loves music. We just had the opportunity to work with Ablegrid on a review of their QuietOdio 10 Active Noise Canceling Headphones. I have to say these are so Bad A**!!

I won't be regifting these to anyone, I am keeping them for myself. I don't know a mother of teens that don't need noise-canceling headphones. I feel like this should be on every mom's list. I can listen to anything and not get distracted by the circus that is constantly going on around me!

Really, anything! I can Bluetooth or hardline to my computer or devices. I can listen to music, watch videos or movies, take phone calls, you name it AND not be disturbed! My husband can be watching a triple header and guess who won't know the score- ME! He can be watching the month fight night and guess who won't know who won the title- ME!! Guess who can watch as many talking dog videos as they want without getting disturbed- ME!!!

Just in case you can't tell by my enthusiasm how happy these headphones make me, I will get more into the specifics so you can see what I'm talking about.

Connection options

The QuietOdio 10 Active Noise Canceling Headphones connect by Bluetooth or by hardwire. I like this because some of my devices aren't Bluetooth capable. Well, I think all of my devices are Bluetooth capable but I don't know how to connect my desktop to anything Bluetooth.

Charge time

The charge time is amazing. Ok, so just being honest, I forget to charge my stuff sometimes. I am good at keeping up with all of the kid's stuff but seem to overlook my own. That's not a problem with the QuietOdio 10 over the ear headphones.

One full charge will last for 40 hours! In music equivalent, that 600 songs.

Noise Canceling

Not only am I easily distracted, I am busy all of the time. Those two things are not a good mix. I need to be as focused as I can be. There is no telling when I may have to answer an email, write a post, take a call, or anything that requires me to be focused. When I can turn on some music and just get into my groove, I can focus so much better.

The QuietOdio 10 Noise Canceling Headphones block 96% of outside noise. I am so much more productive working when I can focus on what I am trying to do instead of 50 other things going on at once. With these headphones, I can create my own personal workspace, anywhere I go.

Compact design

The foldable design is great because I can fit them in my purse or in the glove box. The carrying case is perfect for keeping them safe.

Comfortable fit

The comfortable fit is definitely a key feature for me. These are super soft around my ears which is very important to me. I have several earrings in my ears and I need something that won't put pressure on my cartilage.

The adjustable earpieces are great to get the perfect fit every time, no matter what earrings I have in!

Sound Quality

I am so impressed by the sound quality of these headphones. Everything is crystal clear and sounds like it's supposed to. There isn't any distortion no matter what the sound level is set to. The base is great! It sounds like a stereo right on my head, it's great!!

Still unsure? You have to check them out for yourself. Find them on Amazon - 

I received this product for free as a gift to facilitate this review. If you have any questions please feel free to email me directly.
Amy Groves- [email protected] 

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