Create Comfort and Balance On Your Desktop With Homey- Chrome Extension

How many times have you sat and worked completely on your phone just for convenience? I mean everything- like social sharing answering your emails, for people who work online, even writing up pages just because the access is that much easier with your smartphone.  I have. I like one-tap access to all of my sites.

Unfortunately, there are several things I have to do at my desk so my computer is still needed. What if my computer was set up like my phone and my bookmarks were little widgets that I had right where I wanted them? The date, time, and weather, and the quote of the day, right in plain sight. What if my start page was more inviting and turned my desk into a cozy personal home of productivity?

You know what that means, right? I have found a way!! Yes, browser magic, Homie. Hahaha, I had to throw that little play on words out there. Seriously, Homey. Homey is an extension that does all of that ad more, with the click of a mouse you can turn your browser into looking like your smartphone.

There are just a few simple steps to get started and Homey does the rest, it's really simple and zero maintenance to use it like it is. Customizing is a breeze.

To set up

Follow this link to Homey or search in your extensions so find it.

Click on the "Add to Chrome" button and it will add it right to the home page for you.

On the first opening of the new page, you will receive a pop-up welcoming you to Homey and setting up. You can pick how to set it up. You can allow it to access your favorite bookmark folder or start from scratch. Considering how unorganized all of my bookmarked folders are, I wanted to start fresh with a blank screen.


This is so awesome, make it everything that you want it to be!!  The background is set to automatically change so you aren't stuck looking at the same thing all of the time, I love that!

The bottom right side of the screen has two icons. The top icon is to go to the next scene and the one below it is to select your scene. It's so cool. You can pick from living wallpapers or still images, the options are beautiful and inspiring, to say the least.


Each widget is just like the icons on your phone, it goes right to the website that you want it to.

You can have a whole folder dedicated to one topic or have a direct link to your favorite page, it's so awesome!! My social media pages for my blog are all in one folder and my personal pages are in another, it's so nice to have options that I can customize to fit my needs.

Stay Organized

Organization is not one of my strong suits. I have daily, weekly, and monthly planners. I have an annual budget, I have so many amazing helpers to keep me on track but because of the lengthy process to do it all, I just say, Oh, I'll remember that I don't need to write it down, and guess what happens next. I forget and it doesn't get done.

There is a section right on Homey to keep notes and it's as easy as clicking the little plus sign button, typing in the note, and clicking removes when I don't need it anymore. That's so easy!! There isn't any reason to get out another notebook, calendar, sticky notes, or anything, it just goes right up and goes away when I'm done with it.

Full Access

One thing you don't have to worry about is losing all of the bookmarks you've already created. I have five bookmark folders at the top of my screen. Not all of them are things I want to be displayed for easy access. By adding the Homey extension, all it does is manage what I want it to. All of my bookmarks are still conveniently placed where I left them. I can still access everything that I could before adding the extension.

This really makes my work so much easier!

If you are looking for an easy way to stay inspired to get everything you want to be done and stay organized while doing it, check out Homey, the Chrome Extention with you in mind.

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