Last Minute Stocking Stuffer Ideas- Build Buddiez™ Snowman

Do you remember back in the day, we used to play outside till dark with minimal warm-ups of hot chocolate and a mid-day break for some tomato soup or mac 'n cheese so we could build the best snowman EVER? I do! We played outside for hours every day of Christmas break as long as the snow stayed packy enough.

I remember one time I started with a snowball, snowball fight sized and started rolling it and rolled it all across our yard. The bottom of my snowman was so big I had to have my sister and her friend help me lift the middle to get it on the base because it was too tall for me to reach alone. We had to get a chair to put the head on, it was a blast!

How about having that kind of fun inside the house on a much smaller scale? Build Budiez has snowman building kits for indoors. You can do it right on the kitchen table! Can you imagen that? A snowman in the kitchen?!

This is something that's fun for the whole family to get in on. Grandparents, parents, and other caregivers would love helping with the accessories.

What is Build Budiez? 

I had never heard of these before now, sadly. I think they are AWESOME! It's a crafting kit with moldable foam putty and accessories to build your very own Snowman.

Making a snowman isn't the only thing that you can do with it. A polar bear would be so cute! I am just in love with these little kits.

What comes in the kit?

Each character in the Build Buddiez Snowman Craft Kit has its own unique personality and look! Each snowman kit comes with a carrot nose, two arms, a smile, eyes, scarf or buttons, and a hat or earmuffs. Seriously you guys, how cute is that?

The Build Budiez come in single and three packs.

The three-pack includes three Build Buddiez™ Craft Kit Snowmen filled with 26 mix and match accessories in all.

These adorable snowman kits are available on Amazon and at Wegman's.

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