3 Benefits of Writing, on a Regular Basis

It’s weird to think that, not so long ago in human history, very few people were actually able to read or write – and even fewer actually did write in any substantial way.

These days, there are countless books filling the shelves of countless bookstores, not to mention vast digital stockpiles of self-published eBooks online.

Everyone in the developed world learns to read and write at school now, and if you listen to opinions such as those at Step Up Women's Network, there are some real benefits to actually sitting down with a pen and paper and putting your thoughts down in written form.

Here are a few benefits of writing, on a regular basis.

It’s a great way of doing some “active thinking”

Have you ever had some problem to deal with, where you just didn’t seem to be able to really “think” about it at all unless you put in some serious effort? Often, people find they can’t really do much quality thinking when they are sitting down on the sofa, or lying in bed. For whatever reason, thinking tends to come much easier when pacing around, or going for a long walk.

Well, writing is another excellent “thought-promoter”, and a way of getting into “active thinking.” Because, when you really think something through, you are not just letting your thoughts wander. Instead, you are engaging in an active back-and-forth conversation with yourself.

When you write, you have to weigh up and consider all of your words before committing them to paper – and then maybe you will challenge them in the next line, or cross them out.

If you’ve got problems to resolve, and decisions to make, writing can be a great way of getting it done.

Writing can often help you to release trapped emotional energy, and begin to feel better about things

Certain forms of therapy utilise “free writing” and journalling, as a way of helping people to analyse and come to terms with their own thoughts, and release their own trapped emotional energies, so that they can then begin to feel better about personal issues.

By getting in the habit of writing out whatever is bothering you, on a sheet of paper, you can vent and get a sense of what you should be doing next, or what you might need to say or do as a result of your current frustrations.

Then, of course, you can get rid of that piece of paper without anyone ever seeing it.

Writing is an excellent way of creating a record of your everyday life, which you can look back on down the line

They say that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but that might not really be true.

A photograph can definitely bring back some memories about a certain period in time – but when you have a written record of a particular day, you will have an “insider’s perspective” of what went on.

Keeping a daily journal is an excellent way of creating a record of your everyday life, which you can look back on in the future. this can help you to remember the good times, or be grateful that you’ve overcome the bad times. It can also serve as a great record for your future kids and grandkids.

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